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CEU/APKA!: The Brazilian heavy hitter does an about face on her latest as she embraces minimalism, celebrates her toddler in the title and veers off into a whole new sonic realm that might be confusing at first but ultimately is enchanting. Boldly pushing new frontiers, Ceu brings in elements new to her and mixmasters then in a unique fashion. Never becoming an art chick no matter how she veers from the tried and true, this well thought out outing delivers the goods in a whole new, delightful way. Just the ear opener you were looking for.
(Six Degrees)

JASON KAO HWANG/Human Rites Trio: Left leaning progressive jazz that wants to cross the line into pots and pans music but never quite completes the journey. Imaginative, creative playing for those who dig the Sunday afternoon sitting down vibe, this is arts council music made accessible to the curious.
(True Sound 3)

NOSHIR MODY/An Idealist Handbook: The guitar ace creates special music for hopeless times and tosses the listener a rope to let them know things are bound to turn around. Uplifting fusion, this is the kind of music that does well by doing good.

MARK MASTERS ENSEMBLE/Night Talk: When you take Jackie & Roy out of the Alec Wilder equation what do you get? If you put it in the hands of a super arranger and his high flying pals, you get a smoking daddio set that feels miles way from the original but won't piss off the true believers. A hip, happening set this is going to turn a whole new generation on to the works of Wilder. Well done.
(Capri 74162)

JEFF HAMILTON TRIO/Catch Me If You Can: Only a magician like Hamilton can fuse no frills with non stop swing and have it all work perfectly. Another of his more than welcome visits, he and the gang kick out the jams in fine style on loads of chestnuts you probably don't know. A right on set throughout.
(Capri 74163)

HURRICANE RUTH/Good Life: The explosive white girl with the blues rock bug serves it up hot, hard and heavy once again with lots of positivity in the bombast. Never the Janis wannabe, Ruth is true to her self throughout and just can't serve it up any way other than hot. Certainly the kind of blast that keeps the party going all night.
(American Showplace 2020)

ANTHONY GERACI/Daydreams in Blue: A veritable summit of the new centurions of white boys with the blues, Geraci and pals kick it out showroom style but never stint on adding the soul. With everyone on board clearly up for the challenge, this set is a solid sweetie throughout. Fun stuff that never lets you down, stuff like this can be the baseline for the new standard.
(Shining Stone 6)

JASON DANIELS BAND/Downloads from the Universe: A member of Tammy Wynette's extended family that found himself in Jackson MS after getting a bunch of miles under his belt decides to kick it at Malaco studio. Sounding nothing like the hippie outing you'd expect from the cover, this is the new generation of jam band/genre bender rocking out in his own unique way. Music without an agenda that seems just made to be enjoyed with a blunt or two.

WAYS + SIMON TOLDAM/Fortunes: White kids from Canada making their nu version of civil rights jazz. This is the sound of the frozen north church basement with someone from across the pond in the mix to mix it up as we decry the past.

WRITE BY THE SEA 2018 V. 2/various: Florida indie rockers continue to unite to raise money to fight brain cancer. You've probably never heard of any of them but they've collected over $800,000 since they started this mission. You could easily hear them as the grandchildren of Jimmy Buffett and they do it all for a good cause.
(Rock By the Sea)

JENNY REYNOLDS/Any Kind of Angel: A Yankee folkie who decamped to Austin a long time ago serves up an Americana set where you can feel her yankee roots woven among the Tex Mex influences. A sharp and insightful writer, this is a powerful set that doesn't know anything about being mush mouthed platitudes. Solid stuff for people that want some real listening, Reynolds is a voice from the wilderness that needs to be heard. Well done.

Volume 44/Number 234
June 19, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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