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BLANCA NUNEZ QUINTETO/En Tierra: A record about home from a world wide wanderer who calls music her home, a home that has never let her down. Certainly a world jazz date that mixmasters modes with skill and style, you might never know exactly where you are, but you always feel like you're in the right place. One of those low key, unassuming dates that always has the right vibe and feel, this is one of those quiet gassers that's hard to put down.
Well done.
(Doublemoon 71363)

CLAIRE PARSONS/In Geometry: Here's modern multinational Euro jazz that builds upon a classic ECM base and takes it to more instruments and into a deeper realm. Bringing a bunch of skilled pros together rather that keeping the focus in a trained beam, this set has mind opening instrumental work that presents a singular notion that shows it's the launching pad of something new, different and worthy.
(Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 83/Doublemoon 71370)

ROGER KINTOPF/Structucuture: The bass leader leads his crew into off kilter realms of left leaning dissonance that is reminiscent of classic civil rights jazz directly from the church basement---how timely. Not for the linear listener, this is one of those wild rides that careens with abandon and glee.
(Doublemoon 71376)

TRICHROME/Unknown Prophet: A piano trio that kind of prides itself on not really having a leader, the players play together but they are free to explore as they go which gives it all a strange kind of cohesion. With a left leaning and progressive spirit, they make more sound than three cats should and all of it sounds good, especially to adventurous ears that got their early tastes of jazz via Zappa.
(Doublemoon 71358)

MAIK KRAHL QUARTET/Fraction: In jazz, no matter where you are, you're never too far away from downtown New York as Seamus Blake shows up here. A smoking listening date that almost sounds like a movie, this new generation trumpeter is one of those cats that respects tradition but has a solid ear cocked toward the future and fuses both sides solidly. A player to keep an ear on and also enjoy right now.
(Challenge 73499)

CHRISTY DORAN'S SOUND FOUNTAQIN/Lift the Bar: And Doran does that indeed as the progressive guitarist goes head on into claiming his spot next to the great fusion guitarists that never minded checking where the line was between jazz and rock. High octane and high energy, Doran is here to show the rockers how it's done in this tasty tour de force that hits all the right notes. Killer stuff.
(Between the Lines 71249)

ALEXEJ MALAKHAU/Leiblich: A Russian from a long time family of artists, moves to Germany with songs he's had in his back pack for years and proceeds to play them in cool school fashion. A sax man that finds melody rather than skronk as his métier, he's a academic minded writer that goes for the first class sitting down experience that has a lot of his cultural hallmarks lurking in the grooves. A fine listening date for the open eared.
(Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol 82/Doublemoon 71367)

DYLAN JACK QUARTET/Tale of the Twelve Foot Man: A drummer with an angular mind, he makes sort of crime jazz from another dimension that he fashions with his pals not to be easy. It's not dissonant, it just doesn't unspool with the kind of flow that let's you sit back and fall into it. Certainly the modern sound of back alleys, it'll wind up in film noir epics 20 years from now.
(Creative Nation 38)

BRECKER BROTHERS/Live and Unreleased: You thought you'd never hear anything new from the brothers? This smoking live 1980 date recorded a the end of their run of 70s classics serves up the skunk funk in high fashion with some of the smartest commercial jazzbos of the era in tow. Way more than a welcome blast from the past, this is an event no scalper could get you a ticket for now no matter how much you want to pay. Killer stuff that defies time---and there's two discs of it loaded with chills, spills and thrills.
(Piloo 12)

JOHN FINBURY/Quatro: A gringo brings his one world vision to Latin jazz that finds him creating a nu kind of fusion with like minded pals that know how to kick out the jams and play like they are of a single mind. A musically subversive political statement that's really right for the times, it's not just good jazz, it's something good that stands above and beyond. Check it out.
(Green Flash)

MADRE VACA/Winterreise: Well, here's an odd duck for you. Schubert wrote a song cycle about not going gentle into that good night near the end of his life. This sounds like it might have been recorded around the same time even if it's modern. With a vibe that feels like it could have been made by pals of Steph and Django while they were on the run from Nazis, if you're an open eared cat, there's plenty here that's going to draw you in. Certainly wild stuff.
(Madra Vaca 6)

Volume 44/Number 220
June 5, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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