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DAVID K. MATHEWS/Fantasy Vocal Sessions V. 2 Soul, Pop, R&B: A protean keyboard MVP for the last 40 years, Mathews parked it occasionally at Fantasy Studios in his home town Bay area and let fly this time around with some soulful stuff to compliment the jazz outing last time around. A sweet omnibus collection that hangs together like it was meant to be so, Mathews and his top shelf pals make a wonderfully commercial set that's loaded with the kind of heart and soul that puts it over the top every time. A modern take on back in the day, this pro knows how to go the distance and bring it all home like the pro he is.
(Effendi 2)

TARA DENTE/Truth in the Mud: This crew came from Asbury Park to record in Virginia and they sound much more like roots rockers than Springsteen. With a heartland attitude and outlook, Dente and her gang come in with some meaty, juicy Americana that hits you between the eyes with it's authenticity and power. With no affectation, she goes right for the heart and the jugular, hitting her targets with ease. Solid folk flavored stuff throughout.
(Travianna 2004100)

BRIAN SCARBOROUGH/Sunflower Song: The young bone man has staked out his turf in Kansas City and doesn't really draw upon the area's jazz heritage so much as he does it's jazz energy. Not self consciously daddio, he's closer to improv instrumental work that anything else. Not a mixmaster, he's just a solid jazzbo to the core that likes to play it straight with a little kick. His tone and control underlie his dedication to his craft and his ax knows how to cut through any dross. Well done.
(Outside In/Next Level 2028)

FERNANDO HUERGO BIG BAND/Possibility of Change: The bass man that's played with everybody over the last 30 years apparently knows how much you miss Gil Evans and makes his new big band outing the angular kind of stuff that Evans was doing in his prime. Knowing how to make a set with a lot going on and make it all come out right, this is a first class, solid listening experience for anyone that wants to hear some jazz done right---and have it go big. Hot stuff.
(Outside In/Next Level 2029)

DANIEL HERSOG JAZZ ORCHESTRA/Night Devoid of Stars: The rising Canadian wrote the bulk of this work while getting ready to head out for his teaching job with the morning news on in the back ground. With what's going on in the world, is it any wonder that that work is loaded with optimism while sounding like latter day, white civil rights jazz? Bringing in a pair of hell raising ringers from downtown, this is one of those widely encompassing works that will take you back but is always looking forward. A solid date from a cat you want to hear more from.
(Cellar 51119)

Volume 44/Number 207
May 23, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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