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PATCHWORK: Yep, it's a solid case of eggheads on parade as an avant garde sax/drum duo rope in a bunch of their pals to provide them with the kind of out sound tunes they need to make this happen. While you can rest assured they will probably never open for Taylor Swift, they might just wind up headlining a John Cage festival near you. Far from the controlled chaos of their elders that managed to break through to subsidiary labels of majors, this is indie improv that genre splices with abandon as it goes through the chrome plated megaphone of destiny.
(New Focus 255)

LP AND TRHE VINYL/Heard and Seen: The Danny Green Trio adds a blues singer and takes on a new identity as they carouse through 100 years of pop music, including a few ringers of their own, on this set that rolls things around in their own seasoned flour to make it all modern and now, but in a cool way. With an easy rolling sound that's at home in an after work hang out, this is fun music for fun times when an adventure of an evening lies ahead. Solid.
(OA2 22180)

ROBBY AMEEN/Diluvio: 40 years in as an all star, all pro drummer for the crème of the crop and it's only his third outing as a leader. Strutting his Afro-Cuban stuff, he doesn't play it linearly for tourists, he makes it totally caliente and keeps you guessing what's coming around the next bend. A wonderfully wild work out abetted by a hand picked crew of all stars in their own rights, this is some out of the ordinary jazz that merrily hits the heights.
(Origin 82801)

TRACYE EILEEN/It's Time: Over due debut from a jazzy/funky vocalist that remains a classy lady throughout. Loaded with just the right grooves at just the right times, too bad it's only an ep because more of this would be a good thing.

DARLIN' BRANDO/Also, Too...: Brando did a lot of moving around to get where he is now in Nashville, but he did begin the journey in Virginia so the authenticity in his Americana is authentic. A modern honky tonker with a country, dancing edge that doesn't encompass boot scooting boogies, the twang is the thang and the good times roll. Keeping it real throughout, the rough edges aren't so rough but they lack the smoothitude that would make this fall on it's face. Fun stuff from the heart.

DAVID SANCIOUS/Eyes Wide Open: The vet rocker might have added some modern touches to his latest, but his apple hasn't fallen far from his tree. With a couple of progressive jazz rockers lending a hand along the way, this is a solid bet for boomers not exactly ready to sink into yacht rock moorings but not looking to rock the boat to heavily either.

EVELYN RUBIO/Crossing Borders: The newest in a long line of sexy, saxy ladies that sing it as well as they play it, Rubio is a student of the blues and has learned her lessons well. Coming down on the blues/rock side of the ledger, this set finds in in most august company holding her own toe to toe with the likes of Mike Finnigan, Mark Andes, David Grissom and a host of others too numerous to mention. A set that doesn't play favorites when it comes to showcasing her interests, influences and talents, this is one heady brew of a showcase that highlights her being on her way to grabbing her own piece of the sky. Killer stuff loaded with passion and fervor that never lets you down.

Volume 44/Number 191
May 9, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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