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LOUISIANA'S LEROUX/One of Those Days: A 70s southern jam band hooks up with Jeff Glixman for a set that sounds nothing like an indie release and assuredly will take you back to when they were the opener for all the current boomer standard acts when everyone was still young. Hard hitting boogie with some contemporary ringers hiding in the mix and good times rolling for all. Maybe a little bit of proof you can go home again.

TOM SLESS/California Dream: It's always a treat to stumble across a singer/songwriter that knows how to make sensitive, personal songs without stooping to bleeding gums music. Easy rolling in the folk tradition but with bigger instrumentation, Sless captures the wanderlust that comes with being that guy if you're still hanging out at the college coffeehouse after graduation and find it's time to make a move. A dandy ear opener throughout.

MAYITA DINOS/Garden is My Stage: A mature woman that has spent her life gardening and singing finally gets the chance to hit the bytes with a spirited samba flavored set that finds her merging her interests and always keeping it it light and positive, looking back with no regrets. Nice, easy jazz that was made to go with wine and sunsets, this is the sound of an old friend singing just for you in your backyard. Solid.
(Dash Hoffman 1025)

ED BRAYSHOW/Fire Without Water: A mature white boy with the blues growls and shreds his way through this low down and dirty set that's one sonic back alley jaunt after another. A real after hours set, it's full of low key fire that never fails to burn brightly. Crazy, wild stuff that draws you in and doesn't let you leave.
(Mescal Canyon 21)

WILDMANS: Rock meets Americana for this family band in Virginia with Americana winning two out of three falls but the listener being the real winner. Deeply in the fiddle mountain family band tradition but acknowledging Walmart parking lots leveling the country side, this crew isn't afraid to be modern and mixmaster a bunch of styles and sonic underpinnings creating a gumbo that could only have been stewed in the wild. A delightful change of pace that works throughout.
(Travianna 2005100)

BOB GLUCK/Early Morning Star: Lefty art jazz by a bunch of jazzbo pros that are pissed off and aren't going to take it anymore----and they recorded this nearly a year before the cold started going around. Solid stuff for those that like their jazz with a big side dish of egghead to go with it, this is sure to complete their Sunday afternoon listening sessions.
(FMR 569)

TONY HOLIDAY/Soul Service: After the harp player established himself as back porch blues best pal, he's come back with a blistering set that finds his own writing and honking front and center in a spirited set that let's a white boy hang it all out as far as possible. With a real feeling for the blues running throughout, he sounds like he's lived it and has even more up his sleeve. Sure to be a winner with modern blues fans everywhere.
(Vizz Tone THPS 02)

GEORGE NAZOS/Heat Song: While not a casual guitar trio outing, the playing manages to walk the fine line between being intricate yet still accessible. A fine work out from a real pro, this is jazz based but leans toward instrumental music, walking yet another fine line. Tasty work for those moments when only something really meaty will do, this is a snapshot of a real artist taking you behind the curtain. Hot.
(Street Astars 1004)

JERRY BERGONZI/Nearly Blue: The vet sax man once again pours his heart into the classics and standards that populate this sax led organ trio to great heights. Whether simply smoking or smoking simply, the love of the classic melodies, from when melodies really were melodies gives Bergonzi a chance to make this more than just a trip down memory lane. Right in the pocket straight ahead jazz for real jazzbos.
(Savant 2180)

MONIKA HERZIG/Eternal Dance: Kick starting the sheroes movement in jazz five years ago, the pianist takes it to the next level of the game as she and her band of leaders probably could have hit the marks here in one take on the first take and not need any editing. Showing another facet of sisters doing it for themselves, you can listen to this and not hear gender (which is more of a compliment than it probably seems to read as). Hitting pop covers and originals with equal flair, these spiritual daughters of Carla Bley hit it out of the park throughout.
(Savant 2182)

Volume 44/Number 190
May 8, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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