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STEVE HOWELL-DAN SUMNER-JASON WEINHEIMER/Long Ago: The longer you listen to Howell, the more amazed you get that he has such wide ranging tastes and interests that he can keep popping out new records and not repeat himself. Focusing on jazz and vocal tunes from nearly a century ago, he takes you up a lazy river with his guitar and a good time is had by all. The kind of yesteryear guitar record you could have seen coming from Bucky Pizzarelli and his pals, this record is a real treat when you need some mainstreamish sounds to take you away from the noise and bustle. Well done.
(Out of the Past 14)

CHARLIE BEDFORD/Good To Go: A white boy with the blues that couldn't get any whiter if he didn't come from Australia, he's torn it up in the tyro division of the blues challenge for the last few years and now he's ready to run with the big dogs on their turf. A solid contemporary shot whose aim is true, he knows where the target is and how to hit it squarely.
(Blue Heart 2)

FEDERICO LUIU/Walkin' the Blues: A Canadian blues man by way of Italy, Luiu has the organ, the horns and the knack for a natch load of showroom blues where the party just don't quit. A nimble cat that knows how to call the shots and make the moves, this guitar slinger is must listening for frat boys of all ages that love the sound and fury of the oldies and won't even care if he's carries the writing load all on his own with a bunch of new stuff. A real taste treat.

BILL WARFIELD & the Hell's Kitchen Funk Orchestra/Smile: Blue Lou, Paul Shaffer, Mike Post themes and plenty more stuff to get you in the groove---Warfield remembers when jazz and fun weren't strange bedfellows. The trumpeter blows up a storm leading his charges into the fray and emerging a winner. Everyone is having a gasser and it sounds like it whether it's revved up or slowed down. The kind of stuff you think is background music until it sneaks up on you, New York is still the capitol of jazz. Well done.
(Planet Arts 302018)

KEN DUNN/Ashes in the Morning: A stentorian voiced folkie that's hit the point of being pissed off with everything going on around us strikes back--through music, and does it without needing Debbie Downer to sing harmony. Finding strength through speaking truth, he may be bummed but he won't bum you out. A throw back set from when hippies wanted to go back to the land and save it, it's going to be a heavily different experience for today's young ‘uns but it's right up the alley of the former Bernie Bros.

MATTY STECKS & Musical Tramps/Long Time Ago Rumble: So, a film/classical/chamber music cat puts on his jazz hat for a double album that follows in the footsteps of what Carla Bley was doing 50 years ago, even if he is a sax man and not a pianist. Pulling from all the elements of his long suits for a left field date that frequently takes you places you've only heard in dreams, it's nowhere near the same as "Music for 18 Musicians" but if that work is on your play list, this set will reside right next to it. Check it out.
(Ropeadope 530

Volume 44/Number 177
April 25, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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