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JOHN AYLWARD/Angelus: A cinematic work inspired by his mother's escape from Germany and other like situated experiences, this dramatic reading with progressive music underpinning it is a must for the eggheads looking for a deep experience that goes way beyond the pale. A very high minded work that pushes the envelop for high brows, even those not so predisposed can appreciate the pure art on display here. Certainly another vector of music that comes directly from the soul.
(New Focus 261)

#BLOOMERANGS/Moments and Fragments: Once upon a time, cutting edge music coming from the Gulch was proto punk rock to the likes of "Muff Diving in Wilkie South". Now it's in the form of really cool jazz that starts out making you think it was inspired by early Tom Waits---but it's not this crew's only dimension. Playing in world class style from their local pulpit, this is solidly, tasty nu fusion by some cats that really have it going on. Even with a range of diversity, the album stands as a smoking whole, always delivering the goods. Hot stuff.
(Instru Dash Mental 1)

ANTONIO ANDRADE/Lucky in Love: Folkie alert! This cat turned his attention to music after retiring and it appears it was percolating in his heart all along. His latest album is an album of covers that he enjoys and wants to share. Some obscure, some well known, some well known to genre fans, they all come together nicely with his back porch presentation. The music falls right in step making this whole a wonderful outing that shows you don't always have to be too hip for the room. Rather than spending his later years being ‘that guy' at the club, it feels like he was ‘that guy' at the college coffeehouse, just soaking the vibe in. Tasty stuff that does the genre proud.
(Life Shakes 520)

FROM HELL/Rats & Ravens: Heavy cats from the world of underground metal band together in a band that redefines horror metal, but they do it with a theatrical wink that let's you know it's all a show and not something to angry up the guardians of morality. With loads of sonic crunch of deadly imagery, this is sure to give the kids a dark night of the soul if they aren't already having one. A wild ride through the mind of lunatics with special powers that are the stuff nightmares are made of. Don't let fans of this near cats and wet cement. It's that potent.
(Scourge 6036)

HENRY ROBINETT QUARTET/Jazz Standards Then Vol. 1: Originally recorded 20 years ago as a busman's holiday set, the electric guitarist let these tapes sit on the shelf all this time because he wasn't happy with them. Picky, picky, picky. Today's this set of chestnuts has two layers of fresh baked into it as it shows how forward thinking he was in his approach at the time and didn't even realize it. It was fresh for then and it still sounds fresh now---and you'd be amazed how many of these tunes have been forgotten over the last 20 years. If you want some timeless jazz guitar that owes a debt to Wes that has been paid with interest, check this out!
(Nefertiti 121619)

Volume 44/Number 159
April 7, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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