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PINEWOOD/All Things With Symmetry: A modern singer/songwriter folkie that gets introspective without going emo on you has thought provoking tunes for thought provoking people. Engaging in words and music, the cat behind it probably has a way with the ladies as it shows he can be quite engaging here. He's on to something with this ep.

MAYA RAE/Can You See Me?: A Canadian lass finds her way to Nashville for a spur of the moment session with up and coming pickers all of which come together to make her feel like a later day Joni Mitchell meets Rickie Lee Jones (without he beatnik vibe). Pleasantly hippie-ish, it's nice to hear from a young lady that's not bummed about everything and actually has a sunny look at life. Fun stuff that can probably cure errant colds as well.
(Black Hen 92)

ADAM KARCH/Everything Can Change: Here's a rootsy cat from Canada that's been polishing his stuff along the way giving fourth with a fifth album that gives you an amalgam of riffs that cover everything from The Band (or course) to Bobby Rush (certainly not expected). A no nonsense roots rocker that gets down and gritty without the slightest bit of affectation. A winner for genre fans looking for the real deal.
(Bros 11902)

KING ROPES/Go Back Where They Came From: I guess when you're roots rockers from Montana, you can be allowed a certain punk rock/pomo sensibility that let's you genre splice things in an odd and unique way. Charging through a set of well worn covers that really don't belong on the same record, they execute their touch making them all their own and unique. 180 degrees away from K-Tel/Ronco soundalikes records, these cats love their work and they show up to do it right.
(Big & Just Little 106)

JOCELYN GOULD/Elegant Traveler: Talk about auspicious debuts! This young vet has been racking up the miles to absorb as much about her ax and how to swing it all of which has brought her here, now. Leading a combo, she's learned from the masters and is now adding her own special sauce to the mix at this early date. Already a guitar god, once the word really gets out on her jaws will be dropping that might never get picked back up. Killer stuff.
(Posi-Tone 8207)

FLOR BROMLEY/Fiesta Global: How about a dose of caliente for the kiddies by way of Peru with stops just about everywhere. The kind of stuff that makes kids happy and in touch with the world around them, this upbeat, well rounded set will keep kids of all ages from getting bored whether in the play room or the ride to school. Sure to get everybody up and moving around in a good way, this is the kind of fun stuff certainly in short supply these days. Well done.

BOBBY BARE/Great American Saturday Night: Actually, it's kind of a mystery why Bare didn't get more traction after making the jump from RCA to CBS so why should it be a mystery that this second live album of Bare/Silverstein match ups just plain disappeared into the void. Well, better late than never where this dream team is concerned. Too bad Bare had to wait until he was 85 and Uncle Shelby had to wait until he was dead. Culled from a bunch of live shows where the stars were really shining, anybody that remembers how on the money Bare was in the 80s will flip for this set and should turn the uninitiated on to it as well. Still hot stuff.
(BFD 228)

DAVID NAIL/Oh, Mother: Country music is more of a natural outlet for exploring the darkness and Nail lets his demons out here, hopefully, for his sake, forever. The kind of ep that gives you comfort in knowing you're not alone in battling the darkness.
(One Five Sound)

JAMES ROBERT WEBB: A modern honky tonker that avoids all the bro country clichés and lets the party proceed. Nothing but a good time party on a platter, he knows the moves and serves them up just right. With the properly righteous vibe powering the proceedings, Webb has some winning ways already on display and this set is sure to serve up a bunch more. Well done.
(Bison Creek)

KINGSLEY DURANT/Point of Reference: A vet jazz/rock guitarist playing with some vet jazz/rockers that have certified vet jazz/rock credits, this is the sound you'd find at a Brecker Brothers session after the clock was turned off and the skunk funk was turned up high. Retro without pounding it's chest on the matter, this is a smoking set that guitar fans will take note of. Leading a combo with an effortless sound, this is the date you know you've been looking for. Well done.
(Zen Diagram 2001)

Volume 44/Number 142
March 21, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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