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TOM GILBERTS/Old School: Straight up, power trio white boys with the blues that sound like they never saw any sun light. Bad ass stuff that'll grab you by the throat and not let go. Dark, after hours stuff that shows you how it is on the other side of life and how much fun the down side can be. Hitting all the right notes throughout, this is the real deal all the way through. Killer stuff.

PETER CAMPBELL/Old Flames Never Die: A jazz/cabaret vocalist that knows a vast survey of songs to pick from and can mix them all into a seamless whole no matter what era they are fun. Classy, up market entertainment, he's a solid vocalist that knows how to take you away for a while and bring you back to a much better place. With smart jazzbos in tow, this cat delivers the whole package in fine form.

JACK QUARTET/Cenk Ergun-Sonare & Celare: Not exactly the contemporary classic version of "Metal Machine Music", this crew tackles two works by an experimental Turkish composer who takes his flights of sound fancy well into the next dimension. This is right up the alley of those Sunday afternoon recital types looking for an experience rather than ‘music'.
(New Focus 238)

BRIAN TARQUIN PROJECT/Vegas Blue: Not just a busman's holiday but a charity project as well to benefit survivors of the Vegas festival massacre a few years ago, Tarquin rounds up some fellow forward thinking rocker pals and shredders to make music that goes beyond the studio clock and reaches into that next place for the people who need it most. Not falling far from it's prog roots, this set is not some namby pamby feel good stuff---he and the crew really go deep. Wild stuff for those that remember when music showcased real expression.
(Guitar Trax)

DAVE GREAVES/Still Life: A fellow traveler of Nick Drake and a bunch of those other Witchseason types, we fast forward to Greaves being in bad shape and his bestie wanting to make sure that he isn't forgotten once he's just memory. A double disc set that sounds like it could have been John Martyn demos before he discovered electronics, he navigates solid air quite well. A real singer/songwriter treat/gift, this is sure to take you back to a time and place you enjoyed but haven't thought about in years. No wonder his friends are gathering around the fire as the sun goes down. A real find that's made better late than never.
(Inbred 7)

DIVAHN/Shalhevet: A bunch of gals with middle eastern roots meet up in Austin where they decide it's much better to form a group that finds the Goth in Jewish music than be just another klezmer band. And so they did. Highly ethnic music that reaches into kaballah and other precincts, they almost sound like this could be deep Celt/world music but the leprechauns never carried on like this. Jewish music enthusiasts will find this to be more than just a pleasant diversion.

Volume 44/Number 135
March 14, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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