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CELTIC WOMEN/various: When Putumayo sets sail on one of their excursions, you can bet it's a pretty safe bet that you can catch an enjoyable ride in good hands. However, when they are in their wheelhouse with the door locked, strap yourself in. One of the best collectors of Celtic music, they have the sounds of the ladies of the lough pegged so righteously that you almost can't catch your breath. A killer collection of ladies to be cherished, the sources are licensed with a lot of thought behind the picks. Just right, just in time for a St. Paddy's day that disease is marring, this'll let you party on with nary a cliché in the bunch. Smooth as silk (or single malt).
(Putumayo 380)

DAVID CROSS & PETER BANKS/Crossover: Yes, I'm having a King Crimson Flash listening to this (sorry, had to do it). Old prog pals tune up for a duet before Banks died with Cross finishing it with a bunch of like minded pals a decade later. A solid collection of instrumental songs for aging children come, prog takes a form of it's own easy listening where the strum and drang is left by the wayside leaving well done sonic adventures that don't angry up the blood of the boomers this is aimed at. A far cry from background music, this is what you put on when you want the noise to go away. Pros at the top of their games.
(Noisy 10)

DARRYL WAY/Destinations: The trail blazing rock violinist presents himself here as a shredder and delivers some Marshall Tucker sounding riffs in the process. An impressionistic rock album where he wants to take you on trips and journeys to exotic locales, Way has that classic AOR sound coming out of his pores and it's really a tonic to revisit those times and places with such capable leadership at the wheel. A real gem of contemporary rock instrumentals.
(Right Honourable 4)

FERNANDO PERDOMO/Out to Sea 3--The Storm: The modern prog guitarist completes a trilogy that might not have been intended as so originally, but sometimes you just have to follow the path where it leads. Reflecting a load of new circumstances in his life since the last record, Perdomo takes surf guitar to Mars and opens the ears in new directions. Guitar fans have a real sweet one to enjoy here.
(Forward Motion 31)

VICTOR WAINWRIGHT/Memphis Loud: It's easy to enjoy someone that enjoys what he's doing. A rocking white boy with the blues but no pretense choogles along like a good time party train steaming through the night. Playing with the kind of surety that rockets someone to the top of the heap, he gets it. Plain and simple. Steaming, smoking and loaded with all the good vibes you want a party platter to bring to the party, he's hit it way out of the park one more time. Killer stuff. Everyone here is playing like they just can't stand to see music marginalized one more minute.
(Ruf 1280)

JOAN WATSON-JONES/Choices: Some stuff creeps up on you so organically, you just have to stop and collect your thoughts. A jazzbo vocalist that comes by her sense of soul naturally--her father was Martin Luther King's doctor and her mother danced in the real Moulin Rouge---the soul she brings to her jazz really does come from the soul. Not drama soul but elusive and spirited soul. A mainstream record that somehow sails way out of the ordinary, it helps to have up market tastes to enjoy this set but you'll be well rewarded in making the effort to come to it rather than making it come to you. The lady is no art chick. A solid tonic for jaded ears.
(Eye of Samantha 4)

JIM GUSTIN & TRUTH JONES/Lessons Learned: Every few years, along comes a roots crew with a sassy gal leading or co-leading that just has that something extra which lets them take a bunch of stuff and cook it up into a gumbo that's all their own. This bunch is the latest to do that on the scene. With the licks, the songs and the vibe all in the right place, these blues rockers are on point throughout and don't leave no mess for anyone to take. Totally in the pocket and more than primed to bring modern SoCal white kid blues to the world.

GORDON THOMAS WARD/Eiderdown: This double album is basically a folk record that smashes all the stereotypes you would normally bring to a folk record when approaching it uninitiated. Long on stories and personal observations, Ward approaches things almost cinematically making these into song/movies that hold your attention in a different sort of way. Bringing folk music back to the folk, it no wonder he has such a thriving under the radar career. Solid stuff.

THOMAS MARRIOTT/Trumpet Ship: Before you get on your high horse, especially when listening to the covers here, Teo Macero had to do a lot of editing to get Miles to sound like what Marriott is sounding like here in first takes. A marvelous trumpet ace, this is pure music for pure jazzbos that won't believe the mental telepathy on parade here isn't rehearsed. Killer stuff that most certainly is what you must have around if the corona virus has chased you inside for the duration.
(Origin 82798)

TIM SHAGHOIAN/Gentle Beacons: Modern sax jazz from San Francisco by a sax man that is on the rise and on the move. He's covering a lot of ground here, sometimes all at once, but this debut set finds him getting his art side out of his system and clearing the decks for some real excursions into what a sax can do in the right hands. This is a young lion sowing his wild oats.
(OA2 22179)

Volume 44/Number 134
March 13, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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