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CHICKENBONE SLIM/Sleeper: A different kind of white boy with the blues, Slim continues to make his mark loud and clear. Fearless lyrics that don't hew the line and stomping swinging and slinging in the company of contemporary blues pros, Slim amps it up for a wild time. Ever on the rise and wide scope in his view, this is a smoking set of nu blues for contemporary audiences that are more concerned with the end result than history lessons. Smoking throughout.
(Lo Fi Mob)

POSI-TONE SWINGTET/One for 25: As the label continues to build it's walled garden of in house led jam sessions, it's clear the walls aren't there to keep you out. For anyone that's ever enjoyed one of those all star sets from the classic daddio era, this is a natch. With a bunch of the label stalwarts front and center, it's amazing this crew isn't a band since they play together so well with nary a chestnut on the set list. Hip stuff for the truly hip, not the hipsters. Killer stuff.
(Posi-Tone 8208)

CHRIS MOYSE/Bitter Ballads & Cynical Prayers: To those of you who still put stock in a Kerrvile pedigree, Moyse's debut will have resonance. A highly personal singer/songwriter outing, you'll only need one listening to hear how he was a recent crème of the cropper at the festival. When even his dourest stuff has a load of resonance, even if you don't relate to it, you know you're dealing with a cat that cares about word craft. Guy and Townes' lessons were well learned here on this top shelf singer/songwriter set.

WEBB WILDER/Night Without Love: Existing in his own time zone for nearly 40 years, this hall of fame inducted cult icon bravely soldiers on, still setting his watch to his own meridians letting listeners puzzle over where he's a rocker, a rootser, and white boy with the blues, an alt.countryman or what. Does it matter? Not when he keeps entertaining whether doing it with originals or smartly chosen covers. One of our times great enigmas, he continues to be indie long before indie was cool. The high water marks keep coming.
(Landslide 1047)

Volume 44/Number 132
March 11, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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