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KYLE LALONE/Somewhere in Between: A Berklee grad with a taste for twang eschews jazz and classical grant work for a twanging, alt.country Americana date that hit's the right notes with it's east coast but heartland vibes powering the proceedings. A tasty set that revs up the genre delivering the thrills and spills that add up to a fine night out. It adds up to a modern kind of honky tonk that really delivers.

REVEREND SHAWN AMOS & the Brotherhood/Blue Sky: After teasing us with some eps full of diversions, Amos and the gang kick it out on a new, cohesive set where blues are the starting point but the tour takes you down route 66, highway 61 and a long stretch of 80. Modern throughout in all it's sensibilities, that doesn't stop it from being comfortable and familiar giving you a great ride along the organic back roads it knows well. Fun stuff for modern ears that are out for new traditions.
(Put Together 8)

BLIND RACCOON NOLA BLUE COLLECTION V. 2/various: Bill Fitzgerald calls it a day and you think Alligator and Earwig are getting a little long in the tooth. Contemporary and forward thinking blues fans needn't worry as Nola Blue has been working hard at picking up the slack at being the standard bearer. With recorded blues being a backwater for many years now, there's plenty of room for big fishes in small ponds and Nola Blue seems to be working with the best bait. A two record summary of what they've been up to since volume one, this is a sure fire satisfier for the hungry blues sweet tooth. A solid collection of rising and established modern blues acts that are all gathered here on a sampler that's not for sale. Neener, neener, neener!

ANCIENT WHALES/Vestiges of Tails Appear in All of Us: You have to be pursuing this kind of sound and fury on an indie label and let it be powered by indie spirit. Boomers will hear echoes of Ramones, younger tastes can fill in the blanks with references to their era. Point being, this is mad stuff all generations can relate to and bond over---really, quite some feat. Talk about three chords and the truth!

NEKTAR/Other Side: Is it the cholesterol meds kicking in or to do you remember Nektar having a rocked up Celt vibe in their prog attack? A nu kind of geezer prog is on parade here as they remember fallen homies that has left them along the 50 year journey. Don't worry about them having sold out at long last--the heart and soul are still in the right places. Prog without and over bearing side dish of bombast? Well, actually, we can dig it. Check it out---things have changed.
(Esoteric Antenna 1082)

PEARL DJANGO/Simplicity: The alt.hot club crew that's been at it for over a quarter century without repeating themselves could use some anniversary celebration from a label like Putumayo. The release would do both sides a lot of good. Never just another bunch of Django/Stephane manques, this bunch has the mystic quality to take you someplace new, go deep but not so they get their hands dirty mucking around looking for the holy grail. Loaded with dazzling musicianship and chops, this is what you want handy when you are looking for a lovely listening date that'll really get you. Well done.
(Modern Hot 26)

LOUISE CAPPI/Mélange: A jazz vocalist/pianist whose bloodlines are totally organic, she has the incandescence and chops to light up the night with her smart originals and well chosen covers that she breathes new life into. An after hours classic all the way through, Cappi hits it out of the park with ease.
(LCCD 2769)

PROVEN ONES/You Ain't Done: The latest from a modern blues rock super group of white boys that are way more hippie San Francisco than English recyclers, they've done it for others on hundreds of recordings but here they are letting all that pent up stuff come flying out as they do it for themselves. Hard hitting throughout, this was made to get your blood flowing. Hot stuff.
(Gulf Coast 9022)

GREAT WHITE/Stage: C'mon, it must break your heart that those babes in the "Once Bitten" video are 30 years older now. This twofer lets you take a ride back over a quarter century to a pair of live dates by Great White that have been out of print for a while that are sure to give hard rocking hair banders a solid walk down memory lane. All the hits and the attitudes that under pinned them are on board in all their glory. It sure was a different time---even out rebels were out for a good time.
(Deadline 1497)

ROSE TATTOO/Outlaws: Originally from a time nad place that made ACDC seem dangerous, this bunch of geezers is still doingti for themselves. Undertaking their first tour since 1982 to support this set, take a walk back to the timje of bad boy arena rock when managers secretly paid off ghotems for trashed rooms. If you're payinjg off your kid's student load you cosigned for nad wondering where your 401k went this week, you need a dose of this pronto.
(Cleopatra 1544)

Volume 44/Number 127
March 6, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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