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TONY BARBA/Blood Moon: A young sax man that knows his way around modern, angular jazz sets sail with a hand picked crew of like minded cats that he thought would also find their inspiration in the lunar eclipse of the title. Modern sitting down jazz, there's a lot of sonic exploration here but the journey isn't rocketed into outer space like it would have been in the 70s--more like rocketed into lunar orbit. It's easy to listen to without getting lost. A fine sonic excursion.
(Shifting Paradigm 156)

BROWNOUT/Berlin Sessions: Modern funk from Austin, this is the crew's first album of original material in 8 years. They haven't lost their touch or been corrupted by some of the excursions they've been on. Millennial funk takes a different vector than your father's funk but they groove is the groove. Fun stuff that's like a fun house ride through a kaleidoscope, this crew will have you spin dizzy with a great party vibe.
(Fat Beats)

NOT MY GOD: Industrial pals Tim Skold and Nero Bellium team up for their first formal collaboration. The material is new, the vibe is old school and the fans of the sound will not be disappointed on this trip through the underground.
(Cleopatra 1458)

GARY WILSON/Is Tormented: The ultimate outsider reflects on the statement that broken hearts are for assholes as he serves up a platter of romantic disillusionment that doesn't quit. Valentine's Day will never be the same.
(Cleopatra 1478)

ERNESTO CERVINI/Tetrahedron: Bringing guitarist Nir Felder into the drummer's chordless jazzbo world, the results remain muscular and angular but with a new dimension working throughout the grooves. A solid progressive and forward thinking date, the skills and chops come bubbling to the fore hard and fast here. Solid listening stuff for those who follow Tina Turner's dictate to dig it nice and rough. Well done.

EMIE R ROUSSEL TRIO/Rythme de Passage: A high minded piano trio that's just tearing it up in the northern climes grabbing every award they seem to be within 50 feet of. Solidly in the classic mode, this isn't cocktail jazz but certainly it's thinking man's jazz. It might not be martini music but it certainly makes you pay attention and get into it. Smartly done.

Volume 44/Number 116
February 24, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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