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TAK PLAYS MILLER/Ghost Layers: Composer Scott Miller and the three piece TAK Ensemble take it to other places in other realms. A contemporary classical outing where acoustics meet electronics who all meet found sounds, they play like they have to earn their money as opposed to have it handed to them (wink wink). In a lot of ways, it's reminiscent of 50s crime jazz music played during the exposition part of the movie. All told, it provides a cool, wild ride. Everyone on board here, in their various capacities, keep the future looking bright.
(New Focus 253)

RICHARD VALITUTTO/Nocturnes & Lullabies: A piano man not interested in playing pretty for the people, Valitutto commissions a bunch of new works, many getting world premieres here. Preferring to attack the sound of the piano as opposed to making piano sounds, the eggheads are going to love this as it's about deconstruction and drilling down as you dig deep. If you've ever spoken seriously about white space in music, you'll know what's going on here immediately.
(New Focus 243)

BARBORA KOLAROVA/Imp in Impulse: It's only been 25 years since Lara St. John shook up the classical world by posing on her album cover naked with her violin. Time for another earthquake. Kolarova doesn't cover the same repertoire as she's a thoroughly modern gal that likes contemporary pieces, not often heard, that have a way of shaking things up even more than an attention getting picture. With chops to back up the looks, modern ears have a new player to rally around here.
(Furious Artisans 6822)

SANDBOX PERCUSSION/And That One Too: A delightful bunch of musical hooligans that love both playing together and banging on things, in a decade they have become the premiere contemporary, classical percussion ensemble. One listen and it's easy to hear why. With a bunch of specially composed material at their ready, they are the virtual one in a thousand that know how to make it look and sound so easy that a thousand manqué will follow in their wake. But they won't get it right. Take a listen to these masters.
(Coviello Classics 91918)

FELIPE SALLES/New Immigrant Experience: A 2 cd/1 DVD multimedia experience by this Guggenheim Fellow shows that modern protest music ain't your grandfather's protest music. A widely encompassing work that goes into the life of Dreamers protected by DACA, Woody Guthrie would certainly have a new take on this land being your land in today's world. A work that kept growing until reaching it's final fixed form, you can hear the struggle in the music and see why those in the know give this guy the props. If you like your music with a message and finely wrought at the same time, this is a magnum opus you shouldn't miss. Anyone who digs jazz and instrumental music shouldn't miss it either. Well done.
(Tapestry 76030)

Volume 44/Number 114
February 22, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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