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GRANT PEEPLES/Bad Wife: Sort of a celebration of women in which a folkie celebrates the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote by doing an album of all songs by women writers in which some sort of struggle is high lighted. Kind of an inside out concept record that might be the first of it's kind, the pronouns haven't been changed and fluidity takes front and center. He does a good job on the songs after all the whatnots are stripped away as well. A modern take on Americana for woke times. And it don't hurt that Gurf Morlix is there at the helm to pull it all together.

CORT DUGGINS/Luke's Juke: So this cat with a Dave Van Ronk growl finds a bunch of harmonicas at a flea market and decides to do a Hank Williams/Little Walter mash up. Building the record one track at a time as a one man band, this is a reverse deconstruction for times when things are sliding in all directions. An alt.country cat in the first place, he has no rules to follow except making compelling tunes for those who love their listening on the back 40. It's a worthy, out there set.
(Down in the Alley)

ELIANE ELIAS/Love Stories: The timeless, ageless beauty that is Elias takes a bunch of chestnuts down to Brazil where they are properly recorded in an almost off the clock/after hours fashion in which they are caressed and not attacked. Skillfully bringing her samba to the proceedings in a way far from wearing out it's welcome, this is modern cocktail jazz taken to the next level of the game in fine fashion. Killer stuff as always.
(Concord Jazz 104)

DAVE LIEBMAN GROUP EXPANSIONS/Earth: Even when it seems like the vet sax man might be going Paul Winter on us---rest assured he isn't. A magnum opus to be sure, Liebman and his charges use a cinematic palette to fix a picture of Earth in your mind and use it as a platform to call for it's preservation. An artistic statement without pretension, the cat once again shows where the rubber meets the road. Solid adult listening that opens the senses.
(Whaling City Sound 120)

JUPE JUPE/Nightfall: A little Bowie gone synth etc anyone? Coming from Seattle with a bunch of pedigree hallmarks on their vitae, this is a modern rock set that was crafted for the suburbs where stargazing is preferred to shoe gazing.

Volume 44/Number 88
January 27, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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