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PREVITE SAFT CLINE/Music from the Early 21st Century: In which we find the spirit of Zappa lives on through these three improv hell raisers that are merrily gong their own jazzy way through their own lens. While you wouldn't think these three would know each other, this was recorded while on tour together last year and their hell raising knows no bounds. Certainly grinding their axes with all their might, this is a look at the future of progressive music snapshotted right now.
(Rare Noise 115)

CORAL CREEK/Free Dog: Take your pick, a retro/neuvo take on New Grass Revival or a leading edge run at jam grass making the bluegrass world safe for today's progressive hippies. With jam band vets on board, and a little taste of everything you can think of in the mix, this high octane set is right in the good time pocket and upholds the proud lineage they are part of. Tasty stuff with chops and licks your can't ignore, these cats are skilled at hitting it out of the park. Well done.
(Coral Creek)

SPECIAL EFX/Stars: 21 albums in to a career is a good time it change things up---even if things are still working. Still rooted in world jazz, Chieli Minucci has turned the band into a rotating cast of characters and has written for each of the different ensembles. Yes, there are fusion hitters on board delivering the goods. Snappy fun stuff that moves from world jazz to solid adult party music, all you need is a cool drink and thoughts of summer to make this set totally complete. Dazzling fun fusion throughout.
(Trippin N Rhythm 110)

MRS. HENRY/Live at the Casbah: So, what if The Band weren't mellow hippies? Yep. Melodic hard rock with lots of screaming, emotion and rebellion against San Diego conformity. For any kid that needs help releasing pent up hormones, this is the set to do it with.
(Blind Owl)

BILL BLUE/King of Crazy Town: So, let me get this right. Millenials get to holler everything is sexist, racist, istist but then the hypocritical little snots get to say ‘Ok, boomer' which sounds very geezerist to me. Learning his lessons so well from Big Boy Crudup that Bonnie Raitt took him out on her first national tour, Blue kept at it until he didn't feel like it any more. Then, it took the British to rediscover him and sell our own stuff back to us. Still a card carrying white boy with the blues, he's rocking here, doing it his way and connecting with us with music from the heart. A quartet century on a houseboat in Florida apparently did him a lot of good. Check it out.
(Conch Town 1)

UGLY RUNNER/Romanticizer: Nice taste of some contemporary prog rock that has all the right moves in all the right places. Let the kids boogie to a time and place all their own.
(URRC 1)

GENTLEMEN'S ACADEMY/Joy: Talk about rock vets having their finger on the pulse of the times! It seems like everyone up for a Grammy this year is all over the tabloid shows talking about how rotten their under 20 lives are. Some are still kvetching at 30. Even when this set is looking up it feels like it's looking down. Get medicated and enjoy the proceedings.
(Hyperspace 1034)

TOM THE SUIT FORST/World of Broken Hearts: Dour white boy with the blues (rock) that gives you a solid feeling of what it's like on the wrong side of the tracks. The shredding is there for all shredding fans.

Volume 44/Number 86
January 25, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2020 Midwest Record

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