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LATHAN MOORE/Love in Your Life: Born and raised out there in Gretchen Wilson country, this young traditionalist has a voice and depth that well beyond his years. There must be something on the ball here, he pulled Norro Wilson off the bench to produce this set. Right in the pocket of the new traditionalists of the early 80s, this set is real country with a lot of appeal. A straight up commercial country set, it feels right listening to this with the windows rolled down, zipping down highways with letters for names instead of numbers. Lend and ear, you won't be disappointed.

SCOTT AUGUST/Radiant Sky: Dedicating an album to the mysteries of peering into the night sky, this is the most contemplative of August's Native American/new age sets yet. A soundtrack for candles, incense etc, it can be the proper soundtrack for the proper time when you need mellow to the max but you want music that does go somewhere as opposed to drift as aimlessly as it's subjects. A fully conceived work with nary any doodling earshot.

DOUG FERONY/It Had to Be You: The guy has been in "Goodfellas" and "Sopranos" and if he wants to say he's the king of romantic vocals, we aren't going to argue with him. An actor/singer that knows how to pack the emotion into whatever kind of words he's doing, this is a solid rendition of the classic songbag from a perspective we don't often get---guy singer, that is. Quite the dandy vocal/cocktail collection.

DAN PRATT ORGAN QUARTET/Toe the Line: The sax man's sax is out front and center but apparently he wants to start branding various aspects of his sound as the organ is in evidence. A funky, upbeat set that lets the playing be playful while retaining it's skillful edge. Solid playing throughout, this crew should stick around and turn some more out under this banner. It's loaded with the classic, pure New York sound that simply spells great jazz, right in the pocket. Well done.

EHUD ASHERIE/Modern Life: A fan of the great, classic whorehouse piano players as well as Hank Jones, this young piano man brings Harry Allen on board for his third set as a leader and the result is prime piano quartet ensemble playing that makes all hours after hours. Fun stuff that deserves a place on your play list, this kid is the complete piano package and certainly one of the bright lights to keep an eye on. This set has it all and you would hard pressed not to enjoy it whether you're a jazzbo or not. Tasty throughout without a wrong note in the bunch.

AUDIO CULTURES/Breaking the Sound Barrier: Two long time Seattle pals relocate to the Bay area at different times, rehook up with each and take the chops they've honed in different bands to team them up from some laid back fusion that falls right in the biz jazz pocket. Easily the sound of after hours, this makes it sound like cocktail time any time.

PETRA VAN NUIS & ANDY BROWN/Far Away Places: This isn't a self conscious/diva/songbag collection, but to make the title track the often overlooked "Far Away Places" certainly gets this pair points. A vocal/guitar duo set by two long time fellow travelers shows that elegance and simpatico can go a long way. It ain't about the fireworks, it's about the purity of the performance and that's what makes this one of those great, low key wonders. When you've got it going on, you've got it going on and this duo is one of the most ripping good new duos to come along. Check it out when your adult listening ears need something new to fill them.

3OLOGY/with Ron Miles: It's got to be that thin air in Colorado that makes you think you can do things like this but for the group's third album, they called in Ron Miles to add some color and recorded an album of improv jazz in one take. If like your art with a customized capital A, this could be your cup of tea.

Volume 33/Number 132
March 13, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2010 Midwest Record

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