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DLG3/Grease Trap: Not all funky white boys have the blues, some of them are just funky. Here's the debut from a New York organ trio that puts the grease right up from on this set of classic covers from across the funky, black music spectrum that you can tell they feel in their souls. With just the right amount of zip, zap, twists and turns, this bunch won't have to use fake names and play tri-state area bar mitzvahs to pay the bills. Party on!
(Pepjack 4)

ANNETTE WASILIK/Love & Fire: Forget about the album closing with a classic Dylan track. If you give this a spin and pick up on the classic Joan Baez vibe and think that's all there is here, you are missing the point of what this Wammie winner has to offer. She might be a dyed in the wool folkie but she's not manqueing around as she charts her own unique course. A dead solid perfect singer/songwriter putting out material straight from the heart, the words, music and voice all come together so perfectly, you'd go to a seat of the pants folk club in a fringy area 60 years ago to hear this. Killer stuff.
(Azalea City 1902)

KERN PRATT/Greenville, MS...what about you?: This white boy is so down with ‘contemporary' blues that when he gets around to dipping into deep covers, he's covering Bobby Rush instead of Muddy Waters. A southern guitar slinger that never picked cotton but picks up on the rest of the electric, post war blues vibe, you can tell he was probably sneaking into road houses at an early age. This hard core Missippi boy knows what it's all about. Well done.
(Endless Blues )

ARIS PAUL BAND/Drive all Night: As Americana continues to mature to the point that it can be splintering, Paul identifies himself as a rust belt rocker and the self awareness is on point. A heartland rocker whose sound is propelled by the disappointment of the collapse of company towns that supported families for years, it's a nu restless rock that restless millenials in need of voice will relate to. Solidly rocking and lyrically cutting, you can feel the lineage from Bob Seger to here. Betcha before Paul started rocking he felt like a number.

Volume 44/Number 36
December 6, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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