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CHANTEL McGREGOR/Bury'd Alive: The jazzy ladies have been taking the high ground in the future is female movement but this hard charging English blues rocker might as well be heading up the rock contingent. A shrederoonie since she was 12, this third set finds McGregor leading a power trio through a live date recorded right on the floor. Cutting right to the chase throughout, this is some seriously bad ass stuff that hit's the target with ease. Hot, hard times light up the night here.
(Tis Rock 3)

GRIFF HAMLIN SINGLE BARREL BLUES BAND/I'll Drink to That: A nice, solid four on the floor white boy with the blues date. Keeping his toe in the water over the last few years via his website, the fans that have stayed the course will be rewarded here with this rollicking date which should encourage them to spread the word farther. Unselfconsciously sizzling with smart show pacing, this is fun stuff that gets the party started in fine form.

JESSE JUKEBOX/Awesome: A self described goofball that grew up feeling like a misfit learned his lessons well at Berklee and now speaks to this nu generation of goofballs in a language they can understand and appreciate. Feeling like a show music album, as the noise keeps getting louder, an album full of positive messages to the highly impressionable will surely stand out and be welcome. Dissatisfied adults might even get more out of this kids album than the kids will. It's just the times we're living in. Killer stuff throughout.

PUNK ROCK CHRISTMAS 2/various: Tongue in cheek or parallel reality universe? A bigger collection of punks than before gather round the artificial tree to kick it out on punked up xmas classics or crazy nu holiday songs that will become staples in all homes decorated with fishnet stockings and safety pins. There must be something askew in the universe when a geezer can think this set is a gasser and enjoys the way it shakes things up. And this set will make millenials say ‘ok, boomer'? Askew indeed. This is the sound of the holiday in the suburbs!
(Cleopatra 150)

AMBER WEEKES/Pure Imagination: One of LA's jazz vocal treasures serves up a great album for anyone that misses classic jazz vocal albums done right. Pulling Sue
Raney out of moth balls and making Tony Newley work side by side with Oscar Brown, this well conceived set does nothing but hit all the right notes throughout. A real gem that should have come out a hair earlier to qualify for the current Grammy year, let's hope voters remember to nominate this set come next September as her mantelpiece has earned this statue. Killer stuff that just plain sounds like heaven.
(Amber Inn)

ELLEN EDWARDS/New York Session: Look what happens when you let particle world run wild. Inspired by a country singer who has been produced by a Miles band mate gets the hook up and heads back to her native New York from her adopted Atlanta. One of those jazzy ladies that put it aside for a while to raise her family shows us that she never forgot how to swing. Producer Jason Miles rounds up a contemporary jazzbo dream team to support her of cats that cold couldn't pay to get out of bed if they didn't want to. Treating this like a major label session from back in the day, this jazz vocal set is going to blow your mind at every turn. If you want the wax blown out of your ears, this is the place to check out. Killer stuff that'll remind you why you hate TV talent shows.

PATSY THOMPSON/I Think About You: This transplanted Austin gal checks in with an original xmas single that reminds you why you think so much modern country is lame. Pulling out the stops for the classic dance hall/honky tonk sound, none of which comes across as dated, if you ever loved Willon, Waylie and the boys, this gal will bring it all home with something new that works to boot. Remember the Alamo!

LAWSON ROLLINS/True North: It's a well known fact that if you are an acoustic guitar fan, you just can't go wrong with a Rollins album. After giving in to a restless spirit the last few years, he's back to familiar turf---but not, it's been tempered with his palette expanding adventures. A lovely, skillful and engrossing album, Rollins is just plain a contemporary master of the art. An album acoustic guitar fans should not be without.
(Infinita 219)

FRANK WYATT & Friends/Zeitgeist: Hang on to your hats. Kickstarter meets the Masons as the Happy the Man keyboard player decides it's time to round up with old vibes and mates and serve up some nu prog for the suburbs deeply in need of some escape. The strum, drang and drama is actually leavened with some optimism and bright musical colors giving the title more than lip service. It might not be George Clinton's music, but like he said, "free your mind...."
(Crafty Hands)

Volume 44/Number 32
December 2, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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