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PARKER LONGBOUGH/Green & Gold-Drink the Hemlock: Garage band music meets real life an these vet Alaskans kick it out with the requisite cynicism and dour lo fi sounds. A sure underground bet, this bunch shows how to be modern Leonard Cohens to reach modern ears.
(Wilderhood 7)

11 GUYS QUARTET/Small Blues & Grooves: These white boys with the blues play with the kind of groove that makes you marvel at how good a bunch of cats you never heard of sound when you discover them accidentally playing some free gig in summer at some out door thing. With just the right touch on every lick, not underplayed or over played, this is instrumental blues that chases away the blues. And why shouldn't you make a set like this when one of the group is owner of one of the pre-eminent blues labels of the day? Killer stuff.
(Vizz Tone 1141)

DANNY LERMAN/Ice Cat: A singing sax player with the four on the floor intensity that sounds like he's charting the course for the next wave of smooth jazz. Well versed in making smart, entertaining moves, this set is loaded with high octane, high intensity moves that hit the target repeatedly. A fun ride.
(Blujazz 3480)

ELENA GILLIAM-MICHAEL LE VAN/Then Another Turns: A vet vocalist with a long, strong jazz background serves up some real adult, near cabaret listening. With a smart piano man at her side, this is cocktail music for the sophisticated set that doesn't mind paying for the good stuff. The songs are mostly from the classic song bag and all are well chosen.
(Shade of Blue)

PARKER & ALEXANDER/Present Bible Songs for Everyone-All of Us: In these noisy times, we might need more than a reminder of Mr. Rogers gentility. Whether or not you are a believer, these songs set from stories of the Bible remind people of the basics. Although a kiddie album, the songs are made in a friendly, folk rock style that welcome anyone to put their hand in the hand of the man that stilled the waters. If nothing else, these ten songs give you a quick tour through some weighty reading that you won't do anyway. Even if you don't believe, this set will make a believer out of you. Well done.

JACK MACK & the Heart Attack/Live from Centennial Park Atlanta 1996: Hard soul rocking party pals of Glenn Frey show how to really set it off. Best experienced live, the crew is really tearing it up when reality rears it's head and the bomb blast that hit the Atlanta Olympiad cuts things short. Released in conjunction with Clint Eastwood's new movie about the event, this is a mind blower for more than one reason.
(SSR Free Roll)

GREG DAYTON/Sailing for the Sun: A different kind of blues rock for modern ears, this guitar slinging cat almost adds a soundscape to the genre. Ground breaking in a lot of ways even while grounded with award winning chops, this is clearly a set of new sounds for nu times served hot for ears ready for the future.

CLAIR-OBSCUR/Camomille: A Euro jazz pianist with strong art chick sensibilities leads her new quartet through a minimalist range of improvs with a progressive edge that would make Carla Bley proud. Egghead music all the way, if this isn't the sound of Sunday recitals, what is?
(QFTF 136)

ANTONIO GALERA/Prelude: When it's just you and your piano tackling works by Bach and Debussy that many have tackled before, it helps when you have the certain something extra on the ball to draw the listener in. Galera has it. As the girls would say, it's all in his touch. Bringing a true delicacy to the works and deeply delving into the black notes between the white spaces, he creates a listening zone that has you really paying attention and enjoying his technique. Solid stuff from a rising pro.
(Ibs 152019)

Volume 44/Number 25
November 25, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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