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DIAMOND DUPREE/Wake Me When I'm Famous: The debut set of a pair of rockers that have been at it since 1973, they are still rocking here like it's back in the day. Veterans of many changes of fad and fashion, this set of pre-arena rock anthemic tunes is made for fist pumping and rocking all night long. Fun stuff that gets you back to the rocking side of the garden.
(Fountainbleu 21024)

POPA CHUBBY/It's a Mighty Hard Road: A newly recorded look back at over 30 years of rocking blues served up as a valentine for those who have been along for any or all of the ride. Still a smoking rocker, he hasn't lost a step since this all began for him and his street attitude. A nice look back at some hard hitting stuff that forged an alternative career before DIY was a real option.
(PCP 54324)

LYNNE TAYLOR/Shades of Blue: After years of well meaning folk music that tried hard but didn't hit the mark, a new raft of artists are coming out of the woodwork, even if they've been at it regionally in fine style for years, that know how to hit the mark. An intuitive songwriter that's been at the forefront in New England for 30 years, Taylor has the skills to pay the bills. A lovely, laid back roots/Americana kind of date led by a lovely voice and smart writing, this is one of those great after hours kind of sets you need when you need things to calm down. Well done throughout.

JAY GORDON'S BLUES VENOM/Slide Rules!: Don't know if the young ‘uns will get this but Gordon is a pure bred slide slinging shrederoonie with a wild howl all of which add up to what got your grandpa into blues rock in the first place way back in the day. A power trio that kicks ass, sets like this save you the trouble of doing your own primal scream.

CHRISTMAS JUG BAND/Live From the West Pole: Those merry pranksters from Mill Valley are finally at it again with a new set of original jug band xmas fun that could spark a run on washboards as serious instruments everywhere. Still fun after all these years, this infrequent visits just reminds us how much we miss them when they aren't around. Feeling like xmas in Nawlins but not, this is the party you really want to be at. Killer stuff.
(Globe 48)

ERIC ST-LAURENT/Bliss Station: The skillful guitarists biggest triumph on this date is that he's made a killer egghead listening date for the hoi polloi. Mixing tones and textures like a blender, he knows no limits here and puts it all on parade and display. Letting it all hang out that it's cool to be smart, this wonderful ear opener is sure to take his well established career to new places. Hot stuff.
(Katzenmusik 10)

JEFF CHAZ/No Paint: When does Nawlins not sound like Nawlins? When a blues rock power trio with soul is at the wheel! Pure from the gut stuff, Chaz cuts to the chase and hits from his gut to yours. A powerful party piece, this set shows well what's going on in the other side of town. A real winner that doesn't need pyrotechnics to make it's point completely.
(JCP 5052)

NEGRONI'S TRIO/Acustico: A drummer led piano trio that keeps it real but doesn't sound like anything you've ever heard in a hotel bar shows the pretenders how it's really done. Solid originals that serve as their own introduction lead the way on this set that merrily hits all the right notes. With just the right amount of gravitas in the grooves, this set keeps you on your toes but never wears you out. Killer stuff done right.
(Sony Music Latin)

REZ ABBASI-ISABELLE OLIVIER/Oasis: Guitar and harp? This ain't your daddy's new age. This ain't anybodies new age. Two boundary pushers fuse tier talents in a worthy effort that opens the ears mightily. More than jazz, more than world, more than any of the familiar definers, this duo has lit the fuse on a new sound that is going to scale the heights. Never letting the volume of chops become over whelming, they kick it out showing the world what it's been missing. Great stuff throughout.
(Enja 9774)

RAE GORDON BAND/Wrong Kind of Love: She might be a white gal but Gordon is a classic blues belter fronting an authentic crew that knows what it's like to hang out on the wrong side of the tracks. White people from Oregon that sound like they grew up in juke joints, this new hearty and heavy set delivers the goods, on a night train. Sure to reach that inner Mike Bloomfield lurking somewhere in everyone, this is a taste of it being as good as it gets.

WARREN STORM/Taking the World By Storm: The cult hero that's actually the grand daddy of swamp rock calls in pals like John Fogerty and Sonny Landreth to show what was going on in regional scenes long before MTV unified everything. Rollicking like Fats Domino and appreciating Bobby Charles, this doesn't lend itself to being an artifact for just pop historians. It's a wonderful master class in the diversity that made music such a money making juggernaut in the first place. Get those blue lights on in the basement and let the good times roll.
(APO 2026)

Volume 44/Number 23
November 23, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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