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MASSIMO BIOLCATI/Incontre: The kind of eclectic cat that words like protean were made for, we find him here in the company of some of his other New York pals kicking it out on originals and well chosen covers most bassically. Purely New York jazz throughout, this is the sound of the big apple through the lends of the lightly left leaning that like some fudging when it comes to staying inside the lines. An easy going romp that doesn't require seat beats to enjoy, it certainly is jazz to get the blood flowing. Well done.
(Sounderscore 2)

RAQUEL CEPEDA/Passion Latin Jazz: A jazzy gal that likes to kick up her heels Latin jazz style shows she knows how to swing whether delivering the classics or some originals. In the company of pals that really want her to shine, she may be newish to the scene but she isn't new to the sound having honed her chops along the way as she traveled the path to get where she is now. A proud standard bearer of the sound, she knows how to get the party started in fine style.
(Raquel Cepeda 19001)

DELINE BRISCOE/Wawu: A sisterhood is powerful date with indigenous Aussie words and sounds at it's core, this is what the sound of liberation and empowering sounds like from down under. Because the culture is different there isn't the stridency you might expect from a local #Metoo release, this set shows how easy it is to get woke anywhere in the world. Different stokes can easily promote different outcomes.

FRANK KOHL/Crossing: A Seattle luminary that knows how to hit all the right notes, this is a purely enjoyable guitar trio date that takes it beyond pretty playing to playing that pushes everything else off the table and makes you pay attention. A note perfect set that clears the palette nicely, it's the kind of set you could hit the repeat button and listen to all day. A super treat for guitar fans.

ERIC ALEXANDER/With Strings: The super sax man with nothing to prove finally gets to realize making his dream date, a throwback to the lush 50s jazzbo sounds where sax met strings. With solid pals in tow fronting a string orchestra, this heavily oldies influenced set card doesn't have to take you back to the day, it's as modern as anything, but if you feel b girls in clip joints wafting through the air, go with the flow and enjoy the vibe. The composers are all well known entities and there's nothing here to lead you astray---especially in the safety of your own head phones. As good as it gets/
(High Note 7330)

LAFAYETTE HARRIS JR./You Can't Lose with the Blues: So let's take inventory here: Washington and Nash are backing up Harris while Person produces the date at Van Gelder's. Hmmm. Need I add anything? The amazing thing about piano trio dates like this is that they cover a lot of ground and remain timeless throughout. A sure fingered jazz vet leads the way making this the perfect accompaniment to drinks, dinner, headphones, chilling---just about anything. If the younger generation is listening, this is the difference between music and product. Hot stuff and solid throughout.
(Savant 2178)

A VERY CHIMYTINA CHRISTMAS: This vocal/bass duo started out as kind of a novelty that went viral due to the chops they brought to the table that overshadowed anything else not being on board. From that beginning, they emerge with a tasty xmas record that follows not to closely in the vein of popular acapella sets that's full of charm and Ben Wolfe as well. Charming throughout, the basics may be familiar but the flavors are a wonderful new blend.
(Outside In)

MATT HERSKOWITZ/Mirror Image: A restless piano spirit, Herskowitz looks back at some things he wrote 25 years ago and tries to reconcile his jazz and classical sides. Call him an instrumental music ace and let it go at that so he can free up brain space to focus on cresting more works like this and not worrying about what they are. Be your own category and own it! This is some of the greatest after hours solo piano music you are going to hear no matter what you call it.
(Justin Time 263)

FRANK COLON/Latin Lounge: Yeah, we know this is indigenous Brazilian stuff but it sounds like stuff Johnny Ola would have been listening to in Cuba. A known percussion quantity on these shores, Colon takes it back home with some down home players to give you a taste of what you could hear if you venture away from the hotel bar. Dusky, smoky and highly atmospheric, this sounds like what the players listen to when they are off the clock. There's more to belo horizonte than samba and this packs a mighty punch of it. Armchair travelers, rejoice!

CAROL ALBERT/Stronger Now: Wrapping her new spirituality in some smooth jazz, this set finds that sweet spot where jazz and new age can meet up in something that isn't drippy being neither fish nor fowl. A solid set of girl friend instrumental music with some skilled hands at the wheel, the pianist delivers the goods quite nicely.

Volume 44/Number 22
November 22, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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