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DAWN DRAKE & ZAPOTE/Nightshade: A modern genre splicer that finds her roots in a panoply of Pan Latin sounds does a killer job of making a percussion driven sound stand front and center even as the future pushes it away from it's general roots. Bringing a feminine energy to what should almost be Tito Puente's turf, Drake finds a way to bring ambient to the tropics for a set that certainly has a mind of it's own. Solid stuff for forward thinking ears.
(PMX Records)

DANIEL SCHLAPPI-MARC COPLAND/Alice's Wonderland: It almost feels like there's a lot of 50s vibes living in the grooves of this duo's third outing due to the simplicity and elegance of the piano/bass work playing straight ahead, straight up music without pretense. Sinfully delicious, anyone with the nerve to call this dated gets a punch in the mouth. With clean lines and solid simpatico, this is real music for real listeners whether jazzbos or not. Just wonderful throughout.
(Catwalk 190019)

TOM TALLITSCH/Ten: He might be a tenor sax man but he plays like an elevenor sax man. Blowing hard and wide open on this new showcase, you can't help but to hear influences popping in an out of the tracks as the past and future are fused in the now in a smoking, progressive way sure to jolt moldy figs out of compliancy as they hustle to keep up. Solid stuff from a cat that never disappoints.
(Tom Tallitsch Productions 10)

KIRBY HEARD/Mama's Biscuits: A perfect example of that kind of back porch music that captivates in a big way. Easy rolling folkie sounding stuff with deep lyrics that really shows what happens when you open the heart to things unknown and unexpected. Introspective without being stuff that fell out of someone's journal, this is delightful, meaty songwriting that could only come from the heart and does a great job of opening your ears. A winner throughout.

PARIS CAFÉ/various: A perfect example of the kind of uber wheelhouse record you love from Putumayo, this time around their take on the strolling sounds from a Paris café. Deftly mixing old and new into a wonderful, seamless whole, this is the stuff that will easily let your turn your café au lait into a cabaret. With an unmistakable Euro feel no matter who's doing what, Woody Allen is probably fuming he doesn't have the opportunity to use this album en masse as the soundtrack to his next movie with a foreign backdrop. Killer stuff.
(Putumayo 378)

AARON DOLMAN/Nostalgia & Other Fantasies: While unmistakably a jazzbo drummer, if you are picking up industrial folk influences it's because he's equally at home in the folk world as he is the jazz. Taking you to a down home spot that might only exist in your mind, this genre spliced date has a unique feel and vibe that draws you in so fast, you really don't know what hit you---and you stick around without a second thought. Easily the kind of cat that's doing what he loves figuring the money will follow, that's the surest way to cut through the dross and really reach the ears you should be. Hot stuff.

PIERS ADAMS & LARRY LUSH/Bach Side of the Moon (Baroque Adagios Reimagined): Around the time I was becoming unwet behind the ears, recorder was making it's journey from being a legit baroque instrument to grade school joke. Here we find two cats facing off on recorder and synthesizer to bring us back to the baroque their school--not old school. Really bringing old and new together, anyone with a taste for classical that has been whetted through Wendy Carlos and others in her wake will find this to be a most delightful sonic journey that makes the familiar new and exciting. This set is about the art all the way. Well done.
(Red Priest 15)

MARCONI UNION/Dead Air: An ambient band that decided from the start they weren't going to repeat themselves is up to the task on their tenth album that finds them really stretching the boundaries of ambient. Going for more than minimalist but never letting things roll off the rails, this crew is excelling at making space music for your head that'll have you waiting for blast off every time out. Keeping true to their colors, they've spent 37 weeks at #1 on digital sales charts.
(Just 62)

JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER ORCHESTRA/Big Band Holidays II: When a high minded cat like Wynton Marsalis decides to spread some holiday cheer, he makes it sound like Paley and Sarnoff decided to set aside their 50s differences for the holiday's and make the classiest but swingingest holiday record ever. With Aretha's last performance, Cat Russell doing her thing in fine form and others swept right along in the activity, this glorious set is the high water mark for jazz holidays. A delightful killer of a set.
(Blue Engine 20)

NICHOLAS DAVID/Yesterday's Gone: Samantha Fish flexes her producer's muscles by finding this heartland cat/Voice finalist at the wrong end of Highway 61 and dragging him down to Nawlins for a blues/southern rock romp that roots fans will love. Genre splicing a little something for everyone into the mix, it's a record his live show is sure to sell as you'll want a little something of this around the house. Solid.
(Wild Heart)

CORNELL CARTER/Absoulutely: A modern soul man that's done a lot of learning by doing a lot of doing, Carter is on the money and in the moment with this energetic, engaging set that kicks ass throughout. Here for the show, it's a pure case of the music being the message and the message is get this party started. Fine, fun stuff just right for times that really need it.
(Izipho 1)

Volume 44/Number 1
November 1, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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