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RANDY McALLISTER/Spitball Shatter and Patch: If you're a white boy with the blues working out of the Kansas City blues scene, you are certainly entitled to break and rearrange the rules of the game as you see fit. Finding his voice somewhere in a bunch of points of the south, the long time vet stirs up a supreme gumbo of an organic nature. Heartfelt throughout, this is the kind of stuff you pay the sitter overtime so you get to stay out late and enjoy it when it rolls through your town. Lesser hands would have made this blues rock joint seem like manqueing around but he brings the chops to walk it like he talks it.
(Reaction 6)

MICHAEL DEASE/Never More Here: The trumpet cat with nothing left to prove takes the time to show Charlie Parker's influence on his own playing and that of other first call jazzbos. With a band and a guest list sure to blow your mind, Dease lets the vibe take center stage as he generously gives everyone some on this smoking, solid contemporary jazz outing. Jazz for your head without being cerebral, eggheads can apply but should be warned their heads will be bobbing before this set is throughout. Well done.
(Posi-Tone 8201)

DENSON PILON BLADE/Between Two Worlds: A trio celebrating friendships old and new, this bunch has the simpatico and telepathy piled high. A solid improv feeling date that finds the friends playing to raise each other's games, it's a grand listening date by fully realized pros that know their stuff. Tasty throughout.
(Ridgeway 14)

CATHY SEGAL-GARCIA/Straight ahead to the UK: Making the record it seems like she wanted to make 45 years ago, Segal-Garcia let's the swing sail out of her soul on a set that's loaded with oldies that really benefit from her breathing new life into them. Actually a mulligan on a record she made in 2011 in England, this is a spirited romp where the jazzbos really get to let their hair down and wail. Fun stuff throughout that keeps working.
(Dash Hoffman 1024)

JOANNA CONNOR/Rise: Probably the most pop record you can get out of a white girl with the blues, Connor's rise is about shaking off expectations and breaking free to harvest new crops. Not disregarding her trademark shredding and not having an ounce of selling out in the grooves, the viral sensation keeps it real and in the moment. Elbowing her way to the front of the line, she's delivering the non stop four star performances Chicago cats have known she's had in her since the 80s. Killer, well rounded stuff that's a show all in itself. Hot.
(MC 86)

Volume 43/Number 353
October 19, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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