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THE ATARIS/Hang Your Head in Hope: Even power punks get older and check out their back pages. Here we find probable Patton Oswalt playlist mainstays going solo acoustic through their back pages and calming down the angry young man thing, but not all that much. Stripping the core songs down to the core, the focus is on the song and the all time fans will welcome this valentine. Outsiders will be intrigued by the alt.folkie sensibilities that roll throughout.
(Kung Fu 1410)

MAESUN/Vol. 2-Into the Flow: In which we find saxy lady Hailey Niswanger rounding up a crew of modern jazzbos exploring the inner space realm much like those of two generations ago exploring India. Kind of like new age with an edge, this set of quasi opium den music is a mind expander that lives near ambient edges. Nice stuff from pros to have handy when you feel like going within.

SEAN COSTELLO TRIBUTE-Don't Pass Me By/various: A tribute album to the songs of Costello who was felled by bipolar problems at a young age just as he was ascending the ranks of primo white boys with the blues. With proceeds going to charity, a bunch of modern blues stars drop in to lend a hand to this fatly tracked set of Costello's songs. Playing blues with plenty of blue flame in the mix, his voice and ax are given fine and fond memory here as the action never stops.
(Landslide 1045)

HUDSPETH & TAYLOR/Folie a Deux: One of those delightfully organic records that sneaks up from behind and takes you by surprise. A guitar/percussion duo with kind of a blues/down home edge, they don't need any frippery or trickery to get their point across---just keeping it real is all they need. Fun stuff that reeks of college coffeehouse pass the hat good times, this pair really has it going on.

JOHN DeNICOLA/The Why Because: A guy that's sold a gazillion records as a writer/producer who you probably didn't know you were digging for decades finally steps out with his solo debut, a folkie flavored trip through his back pages that sounds completely different from the songs you think you know. Leading with a real understanding of pop music, this guy shows he knows how to write them and send them successfully off on their own. If you've ever known what it is to have the time of your life (hint), you can't help but love this modern take on recent vintage classics.
(Omad 1017)

NICK NACE/Wrestling with the mystery: For a Canadian, this hippie/folkie has rubbed a lot of Texas shoulders. Coming from a basement apartment in East Nashville, he fits right in with the local songwriter community in that axis and has shown that New York didn't have the effect on him he thought it would have. With a pen that comes with a sharp personal viewpoint, these personal songs fly high above the fray and deliver him as setting down a template that will be the launch pad for hits of these by others. Come to this set if you want to hear tomorrow today.
(Flour Sack Cape 8)

LYNN CARDONA/Ophelia: Moving to Korea to get away from an evil step father, Cardona drops and ep about various facets of love, sometimes in the same song, in the soul/jazz groove she's been mining to good effect in the past. Her version of healing music, perhaps it will shine a light for others in the same situation.

ACCENT/Christmas All the Way: Harkening back to those Christmas aires in the 50s, this pre-Charlie Brown Christmas music by a first call acapella group (with the help of some jazzbos) is a real delight and a great throw back for anyone with fond memories of the holidays. (Which not everyone has). A tasty walk down memory lane with all the major chestnuts in tow, you can enjoy old traditions while starting new ones with this as the soundtrack.

DAVID NORLAND/Glam Tear Stain: A renaissance man in search of a renaissance, Norland is a true protean muso filling nooks and crannies you didn't even know existed. Making cleffers for malcontent productions with A list casts, writing themes for news shows, making both dance and classical music with everything in between hit as well, this is his solo debut in which he wanted to get back in touch with his own voice. The result is a grand listening experience where everything is up on the score board with him composing his ass off. Often other worldly, this is a guy you can count on to deliver just the right thing the day before yesterday. Killer cinemascope listening.
(Denovali 322)

JAMIE BREIWICK/Awake: Yep, a white cat from semi rural Wisconsin can lead a trumpet trio on the works of Don Cherry and have nothing to apologize for. A wonderful note perfect set that captures the hell raiser on the money throughout, this is a fun set that doesn't let you down or leave you feeling ‘if only he...". A solid work out by a real pro, lefty jazzbos ought to do themselves a favor and check this out.
(Shifting Paradigm 153)

Volume 43/Number 352
October 18, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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