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CARRIE WICKS/Reverie: Coming from kind of an art chick place, the languid Rickie Lee Jones sexuality in her voice under cuts the assertion that she and her jazzbo pals are members of a book club that inspired their songs. The snazzy kind of record that catches you off balance as it does it's wondrous thing, you not only enjoy this jazz vocal outing but you start thinking you should look up those math club girls you never gave a second thought to seeing what they are up to on Facebook these days. Exquisite without being fragile.
(OA2 22175)

DAN McCARTHY/City Abstract: Call me insular, but I've never thought Carla Bley got the respect and recognition she really deserved. As long as I'm complaining, I've never thought vibe fans have gotten the love they deserve. Here's one record that rights many wrongs. Inspired by classic Bley/Gary Burton collaborations and loaded with stunning vibe playing throughout, McCarthy comes home to Canada, rounds up some jazzbos that you are sure to be hearing from and tips the cap in all proper directions going so far as to cover Bley and a few of her ECM pals as well. Right in the pocket stuff without affection, McCarthy hammers his points home in fine fashion. A winner.
(Origin 82788)

KIKI VALERA/Vivencias en Clave Cubana: Valera comes to making a great record organically. He's part of a 100 year old Cuban music dynasty and he was influenced by seminal jazzbo guitar greats. Then he hit's the bulls eye in crafting the kind of set that maintains it's ethnic purity while being the kind of stuff that completely knocks gringos off their pins. Here's the acid test: if you were to hear this playing at a Cuban restaurant, you'd go back there again for this music and the plantains without your girl friend even nagging you. Muy mucho caliente!
(Origin World 82790)

RODNEY WHITAKER/All Too Soon: Released in time for Ellington's centennial plus 20, Ellington proves how timeless his work was. In the hands of a bass ace that earned his Ellington spurs over 9 tears with LCJO, he assembles a murderer's row of contemporary players that bust such smoking moves, Ellington will remain relevant for at least another century. A stone cold master class in a master's works that's so heart felt and spirited it just transcends all boundaries. Killer stuff.
(Origin 82789)

KELLEY JOHNSON/Something Good: We always enjoy a set of the good old songs but we enjoy them more when presented by someone that really gets inside the lyric and music and brings on gallons of special sauce making the tunes their own no matter how much diversity there is in the song stack. Putting everything in sharp perspective and framing it all perfectly, this classic feeling thrush might just have the jazz vocal date of the year on her hands here. Tasty throughout, she's singing just for you and it's hard to find a better treat than that. Hot stuff.
(OA2 22173)

MUTE: Forget what you saw in "Last Emperor". The Chinese nad the Koreans can get along just fine when they bond of adventurous music making. They can even form such an unshakeable dynamic that they can play as one, even if there are four of them. Loaded with atonal and improv playing , they never get to that place where you just want t turn it off--you just keep playing feeling like you found a better lost Miles date than "Rubberband" . Adventurous listening that's certainly running ahead of the pack, this is a great way to get a load of freeform jazz of tomorrow today.
(Fresh Sound 1019)

BRIAN LYNCH BIG BAND/Omni American Book Club-My Journey Through Literature in Music: You'd think the award winning trumpet player won a MacArthur grant to serve up something so wide ranging. A two cd set debuting his big band, just harboring the creative and logistic end of things would require a genius grant. No matter, this ambitious well played set is a stunning mind blower. With guests that showed up to really be there and a host of local players that really wanted to shine, this personally driven set has wide ranging effects. A jazzbo delight, this set inspired by books that inspired him shows just how much and how deep these works left their marks. A stone cold gasser, it works incredibly throughout.
(Holistic Music Works 20/21)

VINCE ECTOR ORGANATOMY TRIO +/Theme for Ms. P: The drummer's organ trio takes it back to simpler times when hopping, bopping nad grooving was what it was all about. Looking back at the good times of his youth in Philly, this smoking set can do more for cooling out urban tensions that all the politicians bloviating about the morass. A tasty set of licks and grooves that bring it all back in fine form and make you feel just fine.
(American Showplace 5042)

FRANK WESS/Savoy & Prestige Collection: I want you to hear these 8 albums if for no other reason than you can hear the sound of a life well lived. Among us to the age of 91 and winning every kind of award and recognition there is, these 8 records are filled with a joyous sound that has a purity to it that reflects the purity of his heart steeped in enjoying what he did. Primarily remembered as Count Basie's top side kick, the sax/flute player is making music for ages here and always in the company of the top players of the day. Easy going stuff that never fails to sound in the moment, you'd be hard pressed to find a cooler collection of real jazz than this. Dig it!
(Enlightenment 9169)

STEVIE NICKS/Broadcast Archives: There's already been a three disc brick of live Nicks concerts so it just shows you how it once was when things were about the act nad not the hang and how relentless promotion was to stay on top once you got there. Capturing three more radio concerts that show her going from arenas to clubs in ten short years (1983 to 1994), the bella donna to a generation of both sexes, sends us this post card of la Nicks kicking it out in fine form, enraptured in all her trances, underscoring the timeless appeal of one of rock's bad asses. Of course there's a lot of duplication of tracks across these three discs. Who cares, it's a slices of Nicks we'll never have again. Check it out.
(Broadcast Archive 6104)

Volume 43/Number 346
October 12, 2019
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Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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