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ALAN DAVEY'S PSYCHEDELIC WARLORDS/Hall of the Mountain Grill Live: Tired of those Limey's getting all the psychedelic fun? This is the first of two commemorative Hawkwind albums, this one in which "Hall of the Mountain Grill" is brought forward from it's 1974 birth. The thunder thud is in full regalia as this audio acid trip is right on time for boomers who are micro dosing to recapture their lost youths. If you were there the first time, you might not even recognize you are there the second time---that's how they roll. This is a limited edition of 500 copies and I've already got one, so....
(Purple Pyramid 1400)

ALAN DAVEY'S Psychedelic Warlords/Captain Lockheed & the Starfighters Live: A 1974 Hawkwind related album that was never performed live got it's chance to release it's fury a mere 40 years later. Whether or not geezers were behind it, they played it like no time had passed. A groovy way to get your Christmas shopping done for your fave Hawkwind fan, this genre defining set sets up as a time defying outing if you can dig it.
(Purple Pyramid 1399)

MICHAEL MOORCOCK & the Deep Fix/Live at the Terminal Café: Going one better than Neil Gaiman, who gets his rock and roll jollies through his wife, Moorcock sings and writes about it, and writes the kind of sci fi that has been turning nerds in to streaming subscribers. Making Leonard Cohen seem like Tony Orlando & Dawn (well, Cohen did have the Webb sisters), this really is a bunch of songs to make you gargle with razor blades. Hawkwind and sci fi fans know exactly what to expect here and just how much.
(Purple Pyramid 1495)

MARK ARTHUR MILLER/Soul Searching: A modern blue eyed soul man whose father was a key player in the Motown version of the company that moved to LA presents a program of songs that are meaningful to him. Wanting to be in music to feel the kinship to his father, this set is delivered in a personal, unique way that makes it the complete anthitisis of the gift shop record it cold have easily become. Whether covering his dad's songs or not, this is a mighty dose of blue eyed soul you won't forget.

MIKE WINTERS/Pre-Existing Condition: An Oklahoma doctor with a voice that sounds like his balls are down around his feet shapes a different kind of vocal record that's not exactly country and very cinematic in it's presentation. You really aren't going to know what to do with this record because it just refuses to be pigeon holed as it's a ride on anything but a one trick pony. Wild stuff from a guy that's doing it his way.
(LML 402)

ONE O'CLOCK LAB BAND/Lab 2019: Time waits for no one and the Lab Band never stands still. Shortly after a major reissue program celebrating 50 years of musical excellence, the kids are back on the horse with their 53rd annual recording showing the future of big band and jazz in general in good hands. In the moment while respecting tradition, if you're one of those forward thinkers that can get past the fact that these are all college students, you will be in for a good time. They've learned their lessons well.

BRENDA EARLE STOKES/Solo Sessions V. 1: A plucky Canadian piano lass that puts the Can in Canada lays it bare on her new recording. Just her and her piano recorded old school style in one four hour session, the song list is a highly eclectic mix that she makes her own with ease putting her own stamp on things. Proving her self to be equally at home with mainstreamers as she is with downtown hell raisers, with this protean approach to the various facets of her art, she more than shows herself to be a muso that's here to play, not play around. Stellar.
(ASNM 7)

MATCHEDASH PARISH/Saturday Night: Of all the bands that want to be The Band or The Band 2.0, this multi-everything large aggregation is the one that takes the prize, and they don't do it by making imitation the sincerest form of flattery. With so much diversity and inclusion on board to influence the proceedings, as well as award winning chops, this bunch of Canadians gets it---just like the original bunch of Canadians selling us Americana. Smokingly killer stuff.
(Make It Real 8)

LORENZO FELICIATI/Antikythera: One of those cool records that just hits us at just the right time where things slide in all directions and you aren't really sure what's going on but don't really care. As the leader is a multi instrumentalist and sound designer, he can do more to play with your head than the crazy chick you shouldn't have hit on at the club last night----and he does it. This is the smoking kind of improvised music that can make believers out of the most agnostic. All this and the cover looks like a screen grab from the opening of "The Honeymooners".
(Rare Noise 112)

FRANCESCO GUERRI/Su Mimmi non si spara!: An egghead solo cello record the player says should be accessible to children. How do the kids feel about solo improv? Probably fine if there's ice cream at the end of the recital. When you've got a real player and you're willing to go where he leads, the results come out fine---like they do here.
(Rare Noise 110)

Volume 43/Number 345
October 11, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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