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LAUREN LEE/Windowsill: An art chick in a positive sense of the conce3pt, Lee is a piano jazzbo but she's not content with the usual strictures of the form and prefers to take off on flights of fancy. With a free wheeling vibe, you have to like music that colors outside the lines to really get her, but if that's your cup of tea, you're in for an enjoyable ride. Delightfully out of the ordinary.
(Eyes and Ears 19091)

JUSTUS BROTHERS: A crew of Memphis musical royalty that's played everything with everybody for a long time takes a minute to step out on their own and show they know how to party with everything from jazz to funk and most of the stops in between. A great groove record, it's hard to imagine this crew hitting any clams and having to do multiple takes to get it right. Fun stuff that has soul to spare delivering all the goods in fine form. A winner.
(Memphis International 2032)

REZ ABBASI/Throw of Dice by the Silent Ensemble: Talk about looking forward and looking back. The world guitarist's new album is film score to a silent movie from a long time ago. Totally modern while exploring an old world, this is a wily set that explores nooks and crannies in top form and serves up a set that almost sounds like nothing you've ever heard along the world jazz tangent. While reigning in boundless creativity, this set will blow your ears wide open. Hot stuff.
(Whirlwind 4741)

BRECKER PLAYS ROVATTI/Sacred Bond: Randy's wife has more than proven she's more than chopped liver forging a stellar career of her own, but on this outing, the Brecker family rolls out the red carpet to celebrate the works of the Mrs.'s own pen and letting the world see what a supportive household can accomplish. Even getting their young ‘un in the act, the straight ahead blowing session has the right mix of professionalism and spirit to make it a sure bet for repeat listening. Hot stuff by pros who can do no wrong.
(Piloo 11)

JANIVA MAGNESS/Change in the Weather-Sings John Fogerty: Since so much rock comes from blues, is it that much of a surprise when the long time blues babe gets her gang to change the beat a bit and celebrate the pen of John Fogerty? Making no mistake about her ability to rock, she's fully in touch with her badass self and creates a re-invention that's sure to work and spread her legend into wider circles. Loaded with the hot stuff you'd expect from Magness.
(Bluelan 1198)

BLUES MEETS GIRL: As claustrophobic and sexy as "Tell Me Something Good", this Brit/Texas duo of blues vets that probably know about the things they sing about get down and dirty on this adult feeling date that the little girls won't understand. This has got to be right from the gut throughout. With a smoking crew right in step with the leads, this is a solid set of electric blues what am. There's no going wrong with this set if you're an adult that wants to be treated like an adult.
(Bad Inglish 3)

SUNNY LOWDOWN/Shady Deal: With enough years and studio credits behind him that he can do whatever he wants, the award nominated blues guitarist takes white boy blues to a whole other place. Often doing it as solo as John Hurt and delivering murder ballads in the same style, this utter badass has a wonderful under the radar record here that's sure to fly high in the long run. A through original, every move this cat makes is going to grab you. Killer stuff.

ANDRES VIAL/Gang of Three: A hard driving jazz pianist with energy to spare serves up a trio set that finds him front and center fully capable of holding the reins and steering like a master. A straight ahead set that doesn't hold back on careening when needed, his fifth album finds him in fine voice taking cues from his influences but making them all his own. Solid stuff nay piano fan is going to be compelled to spread the word about.
(Chromatic Audio 41419)

TED HEARNE/Hazy Heart Pump: The experimental muso and his co-conspirators take you to some wild places on this set of most commissioned pieces that are geared as much to explore sound as they are music. Impressionistic in execution, this is for the contemporary classical fan that doesn't like to define himself with easy labels. Restless music that really does fit in with restless times.
(New Focus 241)

LAURIE BERKNER BAND/Waiting for the Elevator: Vet kiddie music superstar decided the theme for this year would be growth and she's singing to her young charges appropriately. Keeping her gentle, easy going style in tact, she comes as close as you can imagine to Frasier's second wife, a kiddie entertainer that calmed the savage beast (5 year olds). Still finding way to expand her palette, with the help of her band mates and animal pals, she's crafted another genre high water mark so well crafted the target offers itself up to be hit squarely. Fun stuff throughout.
(Two Tomatoes 34323)

Volume 43/Number 335
October 1, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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