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MYLES GOODWYN/Friends of the Blues 2: It's been a long time since Goodwyn told us what to do if we saw Kay and like any good vet rocker, he has his roots in the blues. Lighting up the awards lines with his blues debut last year, he returns with a set still in the groove but more expansive. After playing arenas, now he's got his sights set on clubs but you can still count on him to raise the roof. Rollicking along nicely, you might never think this Canadian spent any time in the cotton fields but you'll know he enjoyed those old records as much as you did. Sure to grab even more notice this time around.
(Linus 27021)

GUILLAUME MULLER/Sketches of Sound: A transplanted Parisian that's been making his presence felt in New York for a few years steps out as a leader with a bunch of nu cats in tow delivering an update on early George Benson sounds. Equally adept at speeding it up or slowing it down, this guitarist shows he's ready to step out and knows the right moves to make to exhibit himself as a classic, jazz guitar leader. With the kind of touch that makes you think of what would happen if Bill Evans played guitar, this is a new fave on the rise.

MATTHEW SNOW/Iridescence: A new bass ace that's been bubbling under for a while takes this opportunity to hog the spotlight for his composing as opposed to his leading. With a post daddio vibe that dips it's toe in several classic idioms, Snow is showing he's ready with this debut. Lending a nice touch to all he touches, this is a dandy straight ahead jazz set that handily hits all the right notes. Solid.

JACQUI BROWN/Love Love Love: So, you're an award winning jazzbo married to a lady for 40 years. You wake up one morning and find out she wants to connect with her inner shit kicker. What else can you do than round up your jazzbo pals and a blues ringer to make a country record for her. And these cats show that there's only two kinds of music, good and band. Much more than a credible record you can pat on the head and send on it's way, they leave contemporary ‘country' in the dust serving up a killer modern take on classic country. You know there's nothing cliché here because she got a journalism degree in her 40s as opposed to a law degree and the opposition to mediocrity is alive and well in these grooves. Killer throughout.
(Woodward Avenue 1907)

NOOKY JONES/Like Candy: Such badasses they'll be celebrating the release of their new record at Paisley Park, this funk/soul crew has got it on the ball in a big way and they let you know it from the first byte. Pure party people that keep it in the moment, this is a great way to get your week end started when you have a bunch of steam to blow off before the mellow kicks in. Fun stuff we're glad doesn't know how to quit.

SARAH LEE LANGFORD/Two Hearted Rounder: A record a little ahead of it's time, this set about personal liberation is certainly going to resonate through the underground. Ostensibly a country record, it merges the old south and the new west into something akin to the legacy Gram Parsons wanted to leave with cosmic America music---but we're more whiskey fueled than drug soaked here. A real #it'stime set for it's time times.

MARK CRISSINGER/Believe in Love: An interesting thing abut this set is Crissinger admits the players weren't in the studio all at the same time but there is a real live on the floor feeling that runs throughout his 6th set. A cat that's been waking up awards panels, he's rounded up the hottest rockers he could find in British Columbia and they gather to let the good times roll. The kind of rocker that could reliably tear it up at the roadhouse at the edge of town before it became a Wal-Mart parking lot, he makes you feel the sweat he's dripping for you.
(Cornelius Chapel 40)

ANGEL/Risen: Cleopatra should start a sublabel, Dorian Gray Records, for vet rockers that sound, look and feel like they are making the next record they would have made 40 years ago. Solid AOR hard rock by a crew still famous for Punky's whips. Pumping out and up with a stack of new tunes, the music you grew up with is still doing some growing of it's own.
(Cleopatra 1494)

Volume 43/Number 337
September 23, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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