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LADY LAZARUS/Impossible Journey of My Soul Tonight: A solid example of the kind of dense dream pop that critics love and workaday fans wonder what's going on. A hoi polloi egghead date, malcontents are well served here as the gal behind it all knows how to get the clouds drifting mightily.

MONKEY HOUSE/Friday: A modern R&B crew with some heavy duty friends breaks through the morass to bring their good time party sounds to the masses. A dandy outing with a contemporary eye on things that provides everything from smirks to grins as the party rolls on. In the moment fun that works more than well.
(Alma 72692)

DEBRA COWAN/Greening the Dark: With no dust on him at 71, Dave Mattacks grabs the producers chair a second time for Cowan and the team brings folk/rock and message music to a righteous front and center perch. Finding that sweet spot where folk and Celtic come together, this is a set of folk ears that want to hear a great mix of yesterday and tomorro0w. Solid stuff.
(Muzzy House 819)

THE CABIN FEVER/Alone Together: Skewed modern sounds for skewed modern ears. What more could the modern schnorrer listening for free on streaming services want?

LASZLO GARDONY/La Marseillaise: It could be just me but this keyboard ace seems undervalued to me. Kicking it out solo here, composing on the spot in some instances, this guy's head is so mathematical he could give Sheldon Cooper a run for his money. A tasty player that can do it all by himself and keep you riveted, this is a smoking date that ought to rate high on the jazz piano fans list. Killer stuff.
(Sunnyside 4034)

TOKYO TRAMPS/If I Die Tomorrow: Modern rockers that know how to mash it up came here from Tokyo, for real, to make American rock. They've got the sound, fury and passion all properly corralled, all they need is the push. This crew has a lot going on.
(Vagabond 50398)

JOEL MILLER/Unstoppable: He calls it jazz, we call it killer contemporary instrumental music from an orchestra full of jazz cats that don't like to be labeled. Fresh from a Juno win, Miller sets out to brush off his triumphs of the past with a career defining, high water mark kind of set that you have to be on the far side of brain dead not to enjoy and appreciate. Some of the best pure listening to come along in quite a while, Miller has his eye on the prize and he nabs it without breaking a sweat. Killer stuff.
(MCM 43)

MITCH KATZ/Give & Take: A crafty organic singer/songwriter keeps his eye on contemporary small problems that seem to built molehills into mountains. Taking his time between releases, this third outing finds shim with plenty of new words still residing in his pen that keeps him from repeating himself. With an ear for just the right players to bring his visions to the fore, this is smart singer/songwriter material that hit's the target with ease. Well done.
(Treestar 103)

CHRIS EGER BAND/Show Me Where to Sign: Still a guitar driven white boy with the blues rock in his soul, Eger is expanding his palette by doing his own artist development by expanding his sound and fury and giving us another chance to hear Bekka Bramlett. A right on set that has AOR written all over it, if he's in the right place at the right time for these sounds to go mainstream again, he's going to win big. Hot stuff throughout with all the various southern soul gumbo you can handle.

MARK FOX/Iridescent Sounds: A sax cat that's equal part daddio and astral traveler, it's a fusion we never thought of before and we give him props for coming up with it. A wild ride throughout that can skronk down 52nd Street as easily as it can the Milky Way, it's out of the ordinary but easy to get in step with. He made some real impact with his debut but he really takes the gloves off here now that the jazz world has taken notice he's for real. Way out, daddio, way out.
(Humble Genius 1902)

Volume 43/Number 330
September 16, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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