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TAD ROBINSON/Real Street: The Indiannoplace Arts Council might have lent a helping hand to these proceedings but the Hodges brothers lent a bigger one. With the classic Hi cats behind him Robinson goes full bore southern soul on this set and shows why this time around he's gong to bring something home for his mantelpiece. A stellar set of blue eyed soul, this is the kind of stuff you write home about. A winner.
(Severn 76)

BONSAI UNIVERSE/Too Many Ghosts: The protean alt.guitarist that is too much of a moving target to ever be pinned down keeps it moving in here on this date that finds the rain that blocks out the sunshine frequently. Far from being a mush mouth, he just knows about chiaroscuro more than most. An obvious bet for rocking malcontents.

NOAH PREMINGER GROUP/Zigsaw-Music of Steve Lampert: All the hard core jazzbos agree, the sax man really hits it out of the park on this dissonant, improv date that really calls upon him to pull together all the triumphs of the past and fuse them into a wily whole here. Not for the feint of heart, this is a must for jazzbos looking for that wild ride that really blows open their ears.

BEN RACINE BAND/Live a Montreal: Some blue eyed soul from Canada to celebrate the band's tenth anniversary that keeps it gritty and real as it lights up the night with a power and fury that does some genre splicing as it wends it's way along. A real fist pumping set that keeps it hot throughout.

LIZANNE KNOTT/Bones & Gravity: Perennially bubbling under, Knott goes deeply personal here with snippets culled from her Iphone and turned into the kind of set that'll propel her to the top at long last. Really tapping into her Lucinda side and channeling it into her own statements, Knott blows your ears open so mightily that you don't have to be a singer/songwriter fan to take this set to heart. Hard hitting throughout, she has really arrived, more so than on her past triumphs.

JORGENSONS/Lexington Stretch: Heavy duty organic stuff that finds this folkie pair not restricting themselves to the traditional moves for the genre. Totally engaging throughout, this pair is going to be making more than noise along the way as they spread their joyful noise. Nu folkies for nu ears, there's no dust on their pair no matter how old school they try to make it. Well done.

RAYMOND DE FELITTA TRIO/Pre War Charm: Kind of an alt.protean cat, this former piano tyro has gone on to a career in award tasting film work but hasn't given up his love of the keyboard. Leading a jazz trio here on a set of oldies that keep the original spirit while sounding totally re-invigorated, this is a smoking set for people that want to hear real jazz that swings and is loaded with action. Deceptively simple in it's first impression, if you could play like this cat you wouldn't even be thinking about all the other stuff he touches that turn to gold. Killer stuff.
(Media Entertainment)

TISH ONEY/Best Part: This arranger that has been doing great stuff in the background adds Peggy Lee's guitarist to her crew and winds up premiering three Lee songs that have never been recorded before. More than a thrush fronting a solid combo, Oney and the gang serve up a set that veers toward the margins giving it that extra oomph that makes it more than just another skew number. With swell burnished chops leading the way, this is the kind of set you might have to go out of your way for----and should.
Well done.
(Blujazz 3482)

BIG BEAT/Sounds Good Feels Good: A 19 piece big band that has the sound and feel that harkens back to the good old days of the 70s just before jazz/rock got codified and there were thundering, young herds making their marks across the plains. Knowing how to serve up a first class party on a platter, this bunch of up and comers are here to stay so you might as well get to know them. Let the good times roll indeed.

AL BASILE/B's Hot House: All you have to do is let Al and Duke do their things, playing it by ear, playing it from the heart, and you'll get all the first class blue eyed soul you can handle. The two old pals face off on other sides of the glass here, pushing each other to higher heights and the grit is unassailable. You might have to be of a certain age to fully appreciate it, but this is also an example of good taste being timeless. Killer stuff throughout.
(Sweetspot 9922)

POWERLINES/Time Flies: A sweet little old school groover by some jazzbos that came for the scholarship and stayed for the good vibes. 30 years in since their one way tickets were punched, this is how it was before consultants ruined contemporary instrumental music radio. Easy going and totally comfy, this old pal, old school date has all the right grooves you need to leave the hub bub behind. Well done.
(Jazz Urbane 90019)

Volume 43/Number 323
September 9, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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