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HARUNA FUKAZAWA/Departure: From New York by way of Tokyo, this jazz flautist has a decade as a pro under her belt and she's certainly one of the leading lights when it comes to polishing the big apple. Whether writing or interpreting, she has a great feel for the form and the music making a bright statement no matter where she points her flute. With smart instincts as a leader as well, this package is the package. Hot stuff that always hits the right notes.
(Summit 750)

VAUGHN NARK QUINTET/Back in the Day: An alum of the Air Force Band that helped the crew fly high in his tenure, this cat that's as at home with the trumpet as the trombone can blow up a storm that he can also fly through in any weather. A solid player that can pile on the notes with break neck speed or lay back and let the river flow, he's a mainstream jazzbo that never fails to please and enchant. Terrific stuff that works well throughout powered by real chops.
(Summit 752)

GREG DIAMOND/Musings & Origins: Nothing like a solo platform for an acoustic guitarist to really show what he's about. Not content to run the scales or noodle in the other direction, this set of Latin flavored jazz sets his 4th album part nicely. An inspired player that doesn't need pyrotechnics or frippery to make his point, he's a go to cat for when you want it all on the ball. Acoustic guitar fans may think this vet is a newbie but he's paid his dues to make it seem like he's arrived here fully formed. A winner throughout.
(Chasm 9032)

LISA B/Reverberant Poems & Music: The cat woman is riding the bleeding edge of the jazz and poetry resurgence movement exuding a persona of a Tom Waits fellow traveler without the rasp as she's serving up her stripe of daddio. The difference here as opposed to others is that she's writing and performing her own material instead of dipping in the established bag. How does she do as a daddio-ette? Well, if Waits wants to go back to his beatnik days, she could easily be the kitty/thrush that opens the show for him. A delightful post card direct from the black clothes lounge.
(Piece of Pie 1646)

ALEX LORE and Weirdear/Karol: A Florida sax man with a deep set of roots in classical hies to New York where he doesn't ditch his Florida/classical roots as he veers into up market jazz keeping it all high tone throughout. Smart jazz without the egghead edge, LoRe is an ace when it comes to making cogent, cohesive sitting down jazz that never fails to grab the ear and hold it tight. With some like minded pals that augment his Euro feel, this is what smart people listen to when they want to unwind (we're guessing). A solid winner throughout.
(Challenge 73483)

JUNIOR WATSON /Nothin' to It but to Do It: So, when a perennial award winner gets the chance to kick it out with someone he looks up to, the results on display here show that nothing bad can come of it. A white boy with the blues, tempered with jazz, serves up a can't miss set of after hours, greasy picking--with lots of grinning, that's made to let and keep the good times rolling. One of those cats that can make a fixed media record feel like anything can happen at anytime no matter how many times you play it, this ain't nothing but a bunch of good timers letting their good time side hangout. Powerful throughout, the instrumentals and the vocals whack you with the same intensity. Solid.
(Little Village 1033)

SUSAN GIBSON/Hard Stuff: What separates Gibson from other young ladies that like to kvetch, her down mouth moments are shaped by getting off to a great start and getting sidetracked with personal hardships that dropped music to second gear. That, and her kvetching doesn't end there. She finds the positivity in the light at then end of the tunnel. Making sense out of chaos and staying positive is a special art in and of itself. A singer/songwriter these times need, Gibson will lift you up as she continues her journey.

HEAVY DRUNK/Holy Water: A wild mash up but not in ways you'd expect. A mash up of a bunch of deep Southern soul, funk and blues, the lyrics alone are enough to set your eyes to wide open wonder. The thunderous music that backs it up will also set your eyes to wide open wonder. Clearly a subway ride through places you've ever been even if you thought you knew you knew where you were going when you started out. Existing solely in it's own time zone, this is a rewarding trip for the strong of heart that want to be reacquainted by bold creativity. Killer stuff.

URI CAINE/Passion of Octavius Catto: An opera sized cantata dedicated to the struggles of a murdered civil rights activist from a time in the early 1800s before anyone even knew what civil rights were. That's because he was instrumental in passing some of the Constitutional amendments that were part and parcel to it all. With emotional singing and playing, it's only a matter of time before this set and it's work takes it's rightful place in the canon of modern American classical music. A solid work that needed to be made as it's own passion couldn't be held back.
(816 Music 816-1904)

BRUTALISTS/We are Not Here t o Help: You can't expect pub rock to pick up where Brinsley Schwarz left it. This bunch picks it up and runs it through all the developments that have some along in the 40 plus years since. With a punky, garage rock spirit and loads of punch, these in the moment rockers have no dust on them and deliver their wake up calls to today's kids loudly and proudly.
(Cleopatra 1403)

Volume 43/Number 313
August 30, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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