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DANA SAUL/Ceiling: Better watch your step out on the savannah, a pride of new, young lions is on the prowl. It almost feels like there hasn't been such a percolation of new sounds by rising pros since Alfred Lion just let the tapes run back in the day just before Beatles came along and changed the whole landscape for everybody. Whether leading edge, cutting edge or bleeding edge, this is the kind of jazz that goes beyond jazz in much the same fashion as the classic hell raisers---but with their own special sauce. A great adventure for the adventurous listener that doesn't have the patience to sit still and wait for the future to come.
(Endectomorph 4)

WARRIOR WOMEN OF AFRO-PERUVIAN MUSIC: A hot off the press release where recording was still being done in mid-June, these world beating women of Peru have banded together for an initial recording of them working together. Gringos won't know the language, but this is much too charming and heady to be protest music---but it is. With help from some instrumental gringos, the sound of defiance never sounded like such a fine after hours soiree---not to take anything away from oppressions we wouldn't even fathom. A combination of a joyful noise and a glorious sound, these sisters are doing it for themselves---and everyone else that needs a way out. Hot stuff.
(Just Play)

ADAM LARSON BAND/Listen With Your Eyes: The sax man does it to us again with a set that just screams New York to those of us west of the apple. Of course, this set is the result of two solid years of gigging with this band in New York so how can you imagine it being any more authentic or solid? The real thing throughout, and not just because we're tourists, Larson is a smoking cat with permanent residence on the short list. A winner throughout.
(Ropeadope 504)

3 NIGHTS IN L.A.: Don't you just hate it when they send you a single disc of highlights from a three disc set? Dr. UM takes off his stethoscope and surgical mask long enough to hang out for three nights of tearing it up at a new club with old pals whose backgrounds pretty much encompass the history of contemporary jazz and show the young uns what it's like to play for love and let the money follow because you're doing what you love. Once upon a time, Bill Evans made a record that sold 800 copies and was hailed as a best seller in its time. Time has proven that true as its still selling. The sound, feel and fury here go back to that time and place but by being on Peter Erskine's own indie label, they could do exactly what they want, and we are the richer for it. Killer stuff by an A list crew that knows their jazz!
(Fuzzy Music)

HAWKESTREL/The Future is Us: Hawkwind--the prog space rockers that won't go away---they just continue to mutate and survive. With members from many iterations of Hawkwind, and the addition of William Shatner, this is billed as the first Hawkwind super group as it's loaded with household names from far out households. Doing a great job of making space rock relevant today, this generational interpolation almost has you wondering what Stacia looks like today. No matter which point on the curve you joined in at, this is the stuff.
(Cleopatra 1235)

MOOZIKA!/Moove to the Moozika!: While there's no singular body of jazz as there's a lot of jazz tributaries that flow to the jazz ocean, the same thing seems to be taking place in kids music. The bilingual fun on parade here is the product of five years of music classes for New York kids and this is one moving target that's hard to put your finger on. Gleefully existing in it's own time zone, this is pretty much like nothing in kids music that you've herd before. Nu kids music? Not so far fetched. While being a gumbo of a lot of things, it doesn't come out all grey. Fun stuff without being silly, this is going to have even the most jaded rug rats wondering what hit them. Certainly check it before opening that next bottle of wine in self defense.

Volume 43/Number 299
August 16, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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