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DIEGO RIVERA/Connections: Not being content to let 20 years worth of well honed sax chops lead the way on this date, Rivera assembled a crew that he has personal connections to and let's the simpatico spread it's fairy dust over the proceedings as well. A right in the pocket daddio and then some date, this chop fest has everyone blowing up a storm, and when you get a load of the crew that doing it---fuggedaboudit! Killer stuff from start to finish.
(Posi Tone 8199)

AFRO YAQUI MUSIC COLLECTIVE/Mirror Butterfly: Civil rights jazz takes on a new tangent as this thoroughly modern ‘opera' takes a view of the evils of capitalism from the point of view of woman migrants from Africa, Latin America and other places where imperialism raised it's head against the natives. A sure bet for eggheads but open to anyone with an inquisitive nature, this is boundaries being pushed in a well conceived way. But the church basement hasn't been left far behind.
(Innova 29)

MUSINA EBOBISSE QUINTET/Timeprints: A young sax man with a ear on the past and the future loves to take his time making his point but there's not a wasted note in his movements. With fluid and sonorous playing, this cat leads his crew through this date of mostly originals with a sureness that's born of talent. A tasty listening date that leaves you wanting more---soon.
(Doublemoon 71361/Jazzthing Next Generation vol. 79)

BUJAZZO/Cuban Fire: The German youth big band pays tribute to their spiritual leader, Jiggs Whigham, with a date that reflects how he has inspired them with moves that he's had up his sleeve since his time with Kenton. While they may be young, they have the dedication to be a mark of excellence no matter how may times the personnel changes and they do classic big band proud here. Solid stuff you don't have to be a big band freak to take to heart.
(Doublemoon 71364)

Volume 43/Number 285
August 2, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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