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FLYING HORSE BIG BAND/Good News!: And if the names of the players aren't familiar to you it's because they are students at University of Central Florida showing they've learned their lessons well from the seasoned jazzbos that lead their classes. A smoking big band that kicks it out on familiar tracks done new ways, this is an engaging, high octane date that has no corny moments and is flying high throughout. Check this out for a real swinging time.
(Flying Horse 70519)

LARRY WOLF/Mood Swings: A long time merry prankster and malcontent, the vet character actor steps out to kick it out on his fave oldies--we're talking about classic songbook stuff. Always ready throughout his career with a side long glance and a wink, he plays it straight here even if he leaves you wondering from time to time. Passing himself as a grand old man, even if a 50 year career these days only goes back to the late 60s, he knows his stuff and delivers it righteously.
(Whole Big)

DAVID FINCK/Bassically Jazz: The bass ace rounds up pals from his contacts list, all of whom seem to show up gratefully, and together they fashion the kind of club date where you have to call off tunes everyone knows but you give them room to add their special sauce. With A listers mere mortals couldn't round up quickly on board, all you need to round this out is hearing the ice melting in the glasses. A great night out no matter where you hear it.
(Burton Avenue 6210)

VOCTAVE/Somewhere There's Music: While making most of their bones in gospel and Christian music, this acappella big band knows their way around tunes from all fields. With the kind of special sauce that separates works like this from the rest of the pack, the voices blend so righteously, they don't need any outside help in raising the roof. Sublimely sweet, this is a real treat making chestnuts new all over again.
(Jamey Ray Music)

KRISTEN R. BROMLEY/Simply Miraculous: Overcoming what could have been a career ending injury, the guitarist comes roaring back with a swinging, energetic set that shows she hasn't lost a step in her playing. Going to town as a jazz guitar trio, the modern greats are happy to hear the future of jazz guitar is in good hands. A dandy tour de force, guitar fans need to get a load of this. Well done.
(KRB 1)

ARTHUR ADAMS/Here to Make You Feel Good: With a smart album kicking off his farewell tour after a 60 year career that found him always in the company of august personages, the high stepping soul blues ace that loves to turn out solid party music gets his opening farewell off to a flying start. Playing like he's forgotten more than you'll ever know, especially about the blues, betcha he keeps going like Bobby Rush. The old timers are teaching the young ‘uns a thing or two here.
(Cleopatra Blues 1407)

PABLO ZEIGLER CHAMBER QUARTET/Radiotango: You just don't mess with the Zeig. Continuing to do as much for tango as Piazzolla did, the classic form is kept contemporary, moving forward and hot. Cinematic in scope, these are more than tunes played well--they are plays without words that reveal scenting new with each new listening. Raising the bar for adult listening, this is as good as it gets.
(Zoho 201905)

JULIO BOTTI/Jazz Tango Fusion: A young lion of tango, the sax man has a wealth of Piazzolla and Zeigler to draw on, as well he does, but he's adding his own moves to the canon as well. With a ear cocked toward the future, he freely adds his own special sauce to the mix but he doesn't neglect the basics just to show off. A fine set that modern ears in search of sophistication as well as chops will get immediately. Well done.
(Zoho 201907)

JOHNNY & JEANETTE WILLIAMS/Thirty Years Later: A singing bluegrass duo that's kept it simple, direct and heartfelt all these years has been racking up the recognition almost under the radar all this time. Hitting that sweet spot where their sound is traditional but has no dust on it, it's the kind of stuff you could listen to over and over all night long and wonder where the time went when you weren't looking. Just plain tasty, I think I see some more awards coming their way in short order.

JANET BATES/It Is Here I Leave You, Dragon: A Canadian folkie invites you to celebrate with her in her victory over cancer that she celebrates with clear eyes set toward the future and no martyr sentiments about her ordeal. An inspiring set that obviously has a message, it's certainly written and sung in a way that more people should pay attention to. Hot stuff.

VERONICA SWIFT/Confessions: Only 25 years old and the owner of a glorious old soul, Swift not only knows how to surround her jazz vocal self with great players that give her a sterling setting, she has a nose for finding over looked classics that need to get out of the trunks and into the bytes. A belter that doesn't need over wrought dramatics and theatrics to get her point across, this is an artist in full command of her instrument that delivers on this debut like a pro. Well done.
(Mack Avenue 1149)

Volume 43/Number 278
July 26, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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