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MEMBERS/Version: Give it up boomers. Woodstock 50 can't even get off the ground and now it's time for 80s nostalgia to fill the air as original ska punks take tour through their own back pages doing covers of contemporaries and classics in their singular fashion. Taking it back to the days when white reggae didn't even have a name or a marketing hook, this bunch of neo geezers know how to deliver the goods and make the whole thing right for the next gen. Fun stuff that delivers the old cutting edge stuff with misty, water colored memories that still has edge but won't angry up the blood.
(Cleopatra 1249)

DAVE BASS/No Boundaries: It's always nice to see a lawyer turn his back on the scales and get back to the real scales, especially since they were once a jazzbo piano man in the first place. Surrounding himself with Grammy winners and nominees, the swinging improv man lets fly on a program of mostly originals that harken back to the real music days. Easily the kind of stuff that would make you pay the babysitter extra to let you stay out later on a school night, this is a fine example of how it's done. Hot stuff with everyone on board in top flight.
(Whaling City Sound 116)

TED NASH/Somewhere Else: With the tsimmis building toward the release in fall 2020 of the nu, ethnically correct film iteration coming, this sax led jazz trio is in the right time and place having been at a jazz fest celebrating Leonard Bernstein's centennial when it hit them how they could do something that would leave their own stamp on the proceedings. A tasty, swinging update of the "West Side Story' music that goes it's own, individual way throughout, this set reopens the ears to well worn modern classics that are so much a part of the contemporary musical vocabulary. A winner throughout by some cats that really came to play.
(Plastic Sax )

TROMBEATS/A Caribbean Thing: Yep, they do have jazz and funk in the islands as there are other kinds of parties to hit after the sun goes down if you don't wanna just skank. High octane party music presented by a cat with a vision and a singular will to strut his own stuff his way. A dandy party on a platter, this is a good time to be had by most.
(Truth Revolution 48)

EZRA WEISS BIG BAND/We Limit Not the Truth of God: Big band music with a message in the tradition of ambitious Kenton works, Weiss makes a musical message to his kids that you just can't give up. Hardly a dry set, there's plenty of verve and sly humor in the grooves as he tries to make sense out of modern nonsense, best doing it in the best way he knows how. One of those sets that'll wind up being passed down to future generations, Weiss knows how to eloquently state his case, with swing and style for all.
(OA2 22170)

KEN PEPLOWSKI-DIEGO FIGUEIREDO/Amizade: Having already traversed Brazil music with Charlie Byrd, Peplowski revisited with his new guitar pal with a duo set that just crackles with in the moment simpatico and spontaneity. Playing with and off each other like they'd been doing it for years, this is a smashing recital that you need to turn off the phone, sit down and listen to. Some stuff has to be enjoyed uncut and uninterrupted and this set is at the top of that list. Put it on and be blown away by chops that run deep but come across as unassuming and enchanting. Killer stuff.
(Arbors 19468)

Volume 43/Number 270
July 18, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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