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LES COPELAND/One More Foot in the Quicksand: A white boy with the blues from British Columbia shakes it up Chicago style tipping the cap to Bill Broonzy and other old time stalwarts while mixing in a few of his own. A sure fingered super picker, fans of guitar boogie will be wishing that Copeland would record more than once every few years. Zesty, hot stuff that keeps it in the pocket throughout.
(Earwig 4973)

RICARDO PEIXOTO/Scary Beautiful: Can a highly skilled and talented world/jazz guitarist find happiness with one of Bonnie Raitt's producers after the collapse of his label upon the death of it's owner? Well, this record is certainly the definition of moving on under those circumstances. Covering ground from Brazil to the Bay Area, this cat fills in the holes the great alt.adult guitarists make in the system with delightful sounds. A sweet set throughout, this is a mighty fine guitar led adventure.

ANNIE & ROD CAPPS/When They Fall: A delightfully sweet organic set that refines and defines the corner of folk and Americana. A small record recorded with big record values, this is an earworm that will easily move in to stay and you won't be in any hurry to kick it out. Well done.
(YRR 22)

CASEY JOE LAMBERT/EP: It's a shorty from a bluegrass pro that reaching out but it says Darrell Scoot and Kenny Malone on the back and what else do you need to know to take a chance? Heady, down home stuff that connects at a visceral and primal level, this is a look at the sound of unvarnished truth.
(Sound Emporium)

BOB BRADSHAW/Queen of the West: An audio western movie of sorts that follows the path of a mother seeking redemption for wayward offspring. Not your normal singer/songwriter stuff in that it tells a story rather than just throws songs at you, we haven't had something like this that works as effectly since "Red Headed Stranger". Well, don't boss her, don't cross her....
(Fluke 10)

DEB BOWMAN/Fast Heart: A jazz thrush with a rich, warm voice that lost a sister to ovarian cancer makes this well done set of originals and covers one of those things you can buy to enjoy and do good at the same time. With money from this set going to ovarian cancer, it's a fitting remembrance to her sib on many levels, and you can enjoy it as well along the way. Tasty stuff from a pro that's mastered many entertainment disciplines, you really can't go wrong with her long overdue second set.

MATTHEW SQUIRES/Visions of America: An Austin folkie spends three years in an east Texas monastery and emerges in full on folk freek mode. They do have a lot of mushrooms and stuff out there.

WAYNE SHORTER/Early Albums and Rare Grooves: Hey, this isn't just Shorter on Blue Note as a young lion with a horn, this takes it back to Vee Jay when all they wanted you to do was blow up a storm and do it for a bottle of whisky on your off afternoon with whatever headliner you were in town with. In case you can't imagine young Shorter with no one telling him what to do, looky here! They even sneak in a Miles led date from 1965. Killer stuff that could fuel samples for 100s of new records. 8 albums without a false note in the bunch
(Enlightenment 9166)

Volume 43/Number 267
July 15, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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