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JASON RICCI & THE BAD KIND/My Chops Are Rolling: Blues rocking white boys with the blues from Indiana show they are as modern as it gets without being hipsters. Tasty, chop filled party time music, this gang is for people that want to have more to their music than a bunch of beats. Hard hitting stuff that'll bowl you over with ease as this new harmonica king continues to make his mark.
(Ellersoul 1901)

ALICE HOWE/Visions: So let's see---we have Freebo producing a young, red head folk/blues singer with a tip of the cap to Taj Mahal and a track from "Give It Up"? It might be a slightly different flavor but it's almost déjà vu all over again. After all the Fiona Boyes' et al that have made a mark as "Bonnie Raitt's younger sister", here we have a comer that's cut from the true vine. Bonnie with the polish the 70s wouldn't afford all the young ladies that wanted to sound like two fisted bad asses, but polished Bonnie nonetheless. Pour some espresso and have a fine time.
(Know Howe 2)

JUPITER STRING QUARTET/Alchemy: Fare fearlessly classical fans as you take on this set of world premiere recordings. A family quartet augmented by Bernadette Harvey on ivories make the most of this platform to expand horizons in all directions. While the music has an energetic, progressive edge, it's cogent and never off putting making this an engrossing listening experience that keeps you on board to see where it will careen next. Tasty stuff that shows even classical music has an underground and that it's alive and well. Put down your Sunday afternoon wine and cheese and pay attention.

BAYONICS/Resilience: Long time Bay Area mainstays, this reggae/Latin mash up crew provides an irie heat for the feet that has you skanking along to it before you even know you are doing it. Solid stuff that isn't trying to be polite world beat, it's not afraid of being political and angry and still finding a home for it in the grooves. This is killer reggae for the nu age.

BOBBY MESSANO/Lemonade: This is one of those times you pick up the digipak, look it over and go ‘wow, another blues rock geezer paisan from Cleveland'. Well, even if you think you've never heard of him, if you'd Google him, you'd see that you heard this award winner more times than you'd ever realize. Billed as a contemporary blues ace, this cat is a dyed in the wool AOR player, recidivist division. He's not trying to bring back the 70s here, he's trying to pull the 70s into this aging, nu millennium. Call it what you want but this is smoking, old school rock with no dust on it. Killer stuff.
(Fishhead 800)

Volume 43/Number 264
July 12, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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