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U.K. SUBS/Subversions II: Didn't the punks have a problem with the dinosaurs? Here we have a punk band putting out a limited edition (1,000 copies) of their second covers album which they are sending out to reviewers for free to seed the ground for sending fans to streaming services to hear it free? Maybe there's a punk ethos there I'm overlooking. Anywho, I guess this generation is into nostalgia, even if they deconstruct it. Punk Velvets I can see; punk Donovan...? One things for certain, you can't undermine punk rock energy, especially of they won't go gently into that good night as they become geezers themselves.
(Cleopatra 1297)

MELBREEZE/Amethyst: Jimmy Haslip keeps moving forward as he works out again with this pomo jazz vocalist and they match each other step for step handily. Not a set for moldy figs, this is the soundtrack for cocktail hour at a tech firm. Time moves on in fine form as the oldies are treated right.

RICH HALLEY/Terra Incognita: I was just looking through the cd rack and thinking I haven't heard from Halley in a while when, whoomp, there it is. He left his aerie to take a hejira to New York, where the man who would be Sonny Rollins appropriately hangs out with some hell raisers in their own rights he wouldn't run into at his corner bar. With Matthew Shipp and a few of his pals in tow, improv, free swinging jazz is given new reign as filtered through his sax. Recorded old school, in one day, this is the nu textbook on improv. Hot stuff.
(Pine Eagle 12)

JIGJAM/Phoenix: I don't get the title. A phoenix is something that rises from the ashes, not something that keeps flying higher with each new encounter. Other than that---whew. The world's leaders in I-grass (Irish bluegrass, I with I'd thought of that tag first) are so on point throughout that it feels like they are on the edge of being their own genre. With nothing but depth in singing, writing and playing, it's only a matter of time before they join the ranks of rock stars getting $250,000 paydays to play some fat cat's kid's bar mitzvah. Top shelf all the way.

JOHN LAMKIN FAVORITES JAZZ QUINTET/SEXTET/Transitions: An older cat that's rubbed elbows with everyone that you'd like to and has covered a lot of ground while you probably never heard of him if you aren't around Baltimore makes the record he wants to make, showing off all the various chops he's honed over the years. A real jazz extravaganza, there's nothing here not to like as his favorites are sure to become some of yours. Jazz of the highest order.

MIKA & RICHARD STOLTMAN/Palimpsest: If we are to look to Richard Stolzman as an example than we might conclude a much younger, Asian wife is the key to finding the fountain of youth. Playing clarinet like he did when we first found him on RCA quite a few years ago, this clarinet/marimba duo takes classics from many eras and serves them up in ways you've never imagined. These two classical superstars have it all on the ball and come prepared not to disappoint. A solid set whose playing will keep you in the pocket throughout.
(Avie 2409)

DELBERT McCLINTON/Tall, Dark, & Handsome: With six decades of this under his belt, this original white boy with the blues has earned the right to look like an everyman who'll surprise you with what he still has under the hood. A righteously rollicking date that has power you wouldn't expect from his wizened look, there's just been too many Texas roadhouses tucked under his belt to back track or give up now. The kind of high octane, heavy duty stuff that'll get him called back for four or five encores, there's smoke and fire cooking on high here. Killer stuff that shows other how to get it done.
(Hot Shot 2)

Volume 43/Number 258
July 6, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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