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HOWIE D/Which One Am I?: Jackson Browne in reverse? While Browne could do a great job of whining about how hard it was to be a rock star, this member of Backstreet Boys takes on a kid's production about what it was to be a kid star riding the rocket and having to deal with what it took to get there and stay there. There's a story here for kids that think it's so easy to be an Internet influencer and get rich without trying. Wily stuff for kids and their stage parents that are sure to come across a cautionary tale in this kid friendly production.

STEVE COLE/Gratitude: A health scare sharpened Cole's feelings as well as his chops making this smooth jazz entry have something bright shining on it as it wends it's merry way from byte to ear drum. With his usual tasty self at the fore, this set of smoking grooves paves the way to summer in fine, saxy, smooth jazz style. Flawless.
(Artistry 7064)

ROBERT LaROCHE/Thousand Shades: The vet rocker left the rock wars behind to see the world with Robert Rodriguez's sister for several years and has the roots thing under his belt, down righteously. With a load of seasoning and marinating in Austin music, this heartfelt, authentic set is full of sharp songwriting and expressive vocals making this a sure bet for your roots play list. Solid stuff.

BLUE MOON MARQUEE/Bare Knuckles & Brawn: If you dig Tom Waits, this Gypsy swing/blues mash up with sinister vocals and left of center writing will give you something to keep you occupied until you get over your You Tubed case of "Tom Traubert" burn out. A delightful set that exists purely in it's own time zone, people with unconventional tastes are being well served here.
(Blue Moon Marquee)

DAVID G. SMITH/Who Cares: With loads of loss taking place behind the scenes on this set, you have to call it a modern singer/songwriter set that finds it's folkie roots in protest music of a sort with it's eye on contemporary things to protest----and not just politically. Millenials will find this a long way from Phil Ochs, and it's an appropriate philosophical jump that's right for the times.
(Hey Dave)

Volume 43/Number 251
June 29, 2019
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CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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