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MARK CAMERON/On a Roll: Here's a white boy with the blues, and his come from the other end of Highway 61. Jumping, hopping and bopping, this is one of those later day sets that has all the right moves in all the right places but charts it's own course to get the party started and keep it in high gear. A fist pumping, beer guzzling good time, this is a fine way to get the weekend started and steam blown off. Fun throughout.
(Cop 1679)

GODFATHER TRILOGY-Corleone Legacy Edition: A delightful tongue in cheek tie-in, using Father Day as a reason to unleash a new iteration of "Godfather Trilogy". Anytime is a good time to unleash a remastered, blue rayed update of the legend. Collecting pristine editions of all three movies along with some extra, nifty tchosckies exclusive to this edition and you have a back to back set of the some of the greatest movies ever made. The only offer out there that has to be made that can't be refused is to get a release on "Godfather Saga" where all three movies were edited to run in chronological order. Meanwhile, here's nine hours of hanging with the family that stays together---when they don't let outsiders know what they are thinking. An always welcome return of a major classic.

BROAD CITY/Complete Series: Released contemporaneously with a stand alone season five set, this binge watch in a box shows what happens to the generation after the "Sex and the City bunch, that Amy Poehler can exec produce her socks off, that shows like this blossom better without network interference. A wild and wooly ride with 2 20 something New York broads that never really had any truck with restraint, this laugh riot will validate your purchase many times over. A sorely needed laugh riot for these times, when you have it in fixed media, it'll never leave you. Killer stuff that sets a standard for contemporary humor.
(Comedy Central)

Volume 43/Number 241
June 19, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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