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FLAGSHIP ROMANCE/Concentric: Americana/roots gets airlifted to somewhere else new and different giving the genre an appropriate kick in the pants. With pop and folk sensibilities running through it unabashedly, just when you think this is going to veer into some arty stuff, you get fooled by the switchback as a bunch of genres crash together all at the same time. A dandy ear opener, this duo has a bigger, bolder sound than you would expect from something that you think is kind of folkie until you open the wrapper and start playing it. A killer change of pace.

MUSICIANS FROM SOUNDSCAPE/After the End: No two ways about it, this is contemporary classical at it's Sunday afternoon, arts council best. Driven by sound sculptors, call it high brow/long hair/egghead because it hits all those notes. Solid music from the next dimension for the studious.
(New Focus 230)

MARKUS HOWELL/Get Right!: Here's an auspicious debut from a young sax man that you can't say no to as he knows his daddio inside out, knows how to surround himself with first call cats that add plenty to the proceedings and knows how to write as well as a&r classics into the mix. Killer stuff that won't stop swinging, this is a smoking date that gives any jazzbo fan their daily requirement. And we aren't talking minimum. Well done throughout.
(Posi-Tone 8198)

BIG JACK REYNOLDS/That's a Good Way to Get to Heaven: I'm pretty sure even Rhino's ‘Blues Masters' series missed this cat. Down and dirty greasy blues from a regional cat that's been gone over 25 years, this set that takes in his recorded output and includes a DVD that gives you even more of the untold story, might just be the spark that ignites some recognition outside Detroit/Ohio niches. Real after hours stuff that white boys with the blues will probably never be able to touch, this is the real bomb. Real roots to really get in touch with.
(Third Street Cigar 106)

JACQUES KUBA SEGUIN/Migrations: There's so much more to this trumpeter than an appreciation for daddio but that's what hits you right out of the box and keeps you on board. With a sense of showmanship that's kept at an even keel so you don't always know you are being bowled over, this world wise cat knows how to keep ears in the palm of his hand. A winner throughout, he brings something new to the table and serves it just right.
(Odd Sound 17)

Volume 43/Number 230
June 8, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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