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SEE GREEN/Violet: The generation of younger sisters of Gwen Stefani is taking root and Courtenay Green seems to be one that has what it takes to break out of the pack rather than be a wannabe. Genre splicing date from a proudly left of center writer/vocalist that wants to sassily rip your heart from it's capillaries and play with it a bit before she decides whether or not to give it back to you. Heady contemporary stuff to keep an ear on.

BILD/Materia Prima: Time for some prog head tripping as these band members met over a You Tube vid one of them made exploring variations on a theme by King Crimson. They go their own way from there Fripp fans, but they know how to trip you out. And they do.

PEGGY DUQUESNEL/Summertime Lullaby: This easy going jazzy piano lady knows how to under play it well. She's been everywhere, played with everyone and has a first call round up of LA jazzbos on board here, but she doesn't hit you over the head with any of it coming across with a set of love songs and standards that sounds like the fave piano bar that exists only in your mind. The chops are there, but this is more about comfort zone than flash. Super tasty diversion that sounds like laid back sunny days.

SALVATORE BONAFEDE TRIO/Sicilian Opening: He's in the background here and in Italy the rest of the time, but this award winning soundtrack producer knows how to swing. Capturing a special moment, for someone that's got this record steeped in all things Italian, it sounds an awful lot like "In Crowd" era Ramsey Lewis Trio, hardly anything to scoff at. A wildly fun, tasty driving jazz piano trio date, Bonafede has the worldwide, worldwise chops that insiders will know immediately. Delightfully fun date that you're a sap if you ignore.

PERCY HOWARDS MERIDIEM/Pleasant Fiction: Experienced players showing they know how to create weirdo, malcontent music just as well as any young malcontent. Even with all the chops on board, you really have to be way left of Zappa center to get into the proceedings.

LONGITAL/Gloria: Indie Slovak hippies genre splice their way into first class head music for the Ritalin generation as the nuttiness careens around each and every bend with such alacrity that you don't know how anybody hasn't broken their neck on yet another hair pin turn. World beat comes to college just in time for anyone too hip for the dorm.

MY NAME IS KHAN/soundtrack: Bollywood continues to take on western influences as it deals with romantic aspects of people's lives in the wake of 9/11. This isn't what we're accustomed to seeing on cable channels at the far end of the dial. With a soundtrack as integral to the story as it was to say, "American Graffiti", this ain't your typical Bollywood soundtrack loaded with off brand Madonna dance numbers. Taking in a wide range of modes without sounding like an old Folkways or Nonesuch world beat date, this is practically a pop record with some foreign spice. Gringos won't know what's going on, but it really comes together with a nice sound and vibe.

TOMMY JAMES/Me, the Mob and the Music: I was looking forward to this book for months and all I can say is that I'm disappointed. What a great title, huh? It's been 20 years since "Hit Men". It's been 20 years since Morris Levy died. What to we get here? A tome that reads like it was vetted by AA before being passed on to Lifetime for a scrubbed version of the rock lifestyle when the rock life style really meant something. Names are spelled wrong, f'christsake. That his songs will not die is proof of his talent, this book sells it short.

JEFF GARLIN/My Footprint: This would certainly fall into the realm of Rodney Dangerfield's regular guy world. Solidly credited behind the scenes comic wants to cut down on his waist and his waste but his superstar pals provide a load of push/pull along the way that are funny for everyone but him. With exclusive content made for this audio, Garlin keeps the laughs coming in any situation as fans of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" should well expect. Loaded with chops honed in the Chicago school of comedy, this is a laugh out loud listen for anyone who's ever fought the battle of the bulge.

Volume 33/Number 114
February 23, 2010
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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