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KEVIN BREIT/Stella Bella Strada: One of the more unassuming guitar geniuses out there could have easily plugged in for an obligatory one man tour de force---but that would be to easy. Rounding up a voluminous crew to lend a hand, he takes his ax to places an MVP rocker heretofore hasn't ventured. Wildly compelling throughout, this set plants a flag in it's own time zone with Breit as the conductor on a wild ride you won't forget. Rock taken to the next level of the game, this is something the outliers only envisioned. Hot stuff.
(Stony Plain 1406)

IZZ/Don't Panic: What if Yes played "Peaches en Regalia" for an encore some night? That vibe is what gives this crew's ninth outing it's special sauce. With suites aplenty and classical overtones running in an out, this is the stuff that keeps the kids gathered around the stereo when the outside world just doesn't meet it's needs. This bunch knows how to deliver.
(Doone 669563)

DIERK PETERS/Ambrosia: The vibe man is more influenced by ECM rather than Blue Note as he sets his mallets flying in a direction of their own. A cool school cat that isn't interested in speed or flash, even his choices in instrumentation keep this from being mainstream--but not too far from the beaten path. Anything but tried and true, there's a lot of attitudinal mash up going on here that make this sound something that never let's you take it for granted. Solid listening.
(Tangible 5)

NOE TAVELLI & the Argonauts Collective: A bunch of modern cats that let their drummer lead them on their daddio course, be they from across the pond or not, their sound makes it seem like a natch that all sounds lead to the jazz corner of the world. Whether vibing 52nd St or the church basement, there's a little something from most of the last 60 years to give everyone a taste. Fun stuff for the hipster that wants to act like an old timer---and then some.
(Double Moon 71359)

DENNY ZEITLIN/Remembering Miles: Even though he seems like someone that's forgotten more than most of us will ever know---even if it seems like he hasn't forgotten very much---Big Daddy Z let's his mind drift back almost 70 years to when he first got interested in jazz. And that interest eventually led to him working with Miles Davis. He could have ridden that ride from there to here and turned in a gift shop record that would have satisfied us---but it wouldn't have satisfied him. Crafting a solo piano set of interpretations of the trumpeter's tunes associated with him over his vast career, this set proceeds to open up Miles in ways that could only have been percolating in Zeitlin's non-stop mind until he got the chance to lay it all down. Any tunes here you haven't heard before? No. Any insights here that'll blow your mind? Just a non-stop run of them. Doing more with a solo piano than anyone else can, Zeitlin serves us an explosive and relavatory meeting of the minds that finds the octenagerian playing with the verve and smarts of a 20 year old with an old soul. Another in a series of penultimate dates from the master.
(Sunnyside 1553)

Volume 43/Number 215
May 24, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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