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NICKI PARROTT/From New York to London: Since a lot of Parrott's records don't make it out of Japan too easily, those of you who admire her talents applied in the background probably don't know what an all around jazzbo she is and can do a jazz vocal date with the best of them. This time out, she's a swinging thrush that can create a period and vibe on a bunch of classics and chestnuts that show they haven't worn out their welcome in her hands. A tasty classic throughout, this is a set that's hard to put away.
(Arbors Jazz 19466)

ANGELA JAMES/Quiet Night-A Collection of Lullabies: What's a mom with post partum depression to do when the kid won't shut up and there's no copy of "Go the Fu*k to Sleep" handy? How about create a collection of lullabies for stressed out moms to rock junior to sleep to. With a back porch new age vibe, this set of soundscapes is designed to lull the little one to sleep and let mom focus on something else. Because I haven't been there myself, I'll let the moms in this position see if this is the magic elixir.

SIGGI STRING QUARTET/South of the Circle: Contemporary classical of a different stripe as it's from Iceland and they made their bones working over the works of Philip Glass. Experts at finding the dark film noir side of the music, you might not play this at a family reunion picnic but when you are in the mood for some deep, serious listening done right, this crew of up and comers will show why they can sound so accomplished while still having quite the road ahead of them---probably loaded with more surprises. Well done.
(Sono Luminus 92232)

THE 44s/Twist the Knife: A reconstituted version of the roots blues rockers you used to know, it's the zing of the strings that still at the center of it all. A sideways tribute to the blues greats that kept playing until they died, this high octane romp tips the cap in fine fashion. No frills and right from the heart to the gut, this set knows how to hit hard and often. A dandy party on a platter.
(Rip Cat 1902)

ALAN EVANS/Nothing to Say: A wildly primal set that's loaded with contemporary mash ups of sounds and vibes, this is a perfect set for times when there are no rules anymore. College kids looking for some meaty bone to bring to the party will find this to be the grandest musical party favor of finals week. Emotional release indeed.
(Vintage League 10)

SUGAR LIME BLUE/Narcoluptuous: With no loose ends or ragged seams, this band brings back late 60s jamming with a belting front gal leading a crew that cooks. Sounding like a lot of period records might have sounded if everyone wasn't recording head tracks while high, there's a lasting essence to this that will recast the past and find that it doesn't live up to this present. Not a trip down memory lane, just a revisit to when everyone wanted to make hit records that didn't sell out. Great fun for boomers and millenials alike (that they'll probably be listening to together in the same living room).

GREG SCHATZ/Amoebotics: Tom Waits and Mose Allison got drunk on rum in the Rhumba Room and made an album that never got released because of record company contractual hassles. The set has finally gotten released as Schatz's 7th album. If there's a such thing as mainstream left field, this is it. Or it might define such. Singer/songwriter stuff from a cat that starts out at something complete different and brings the good times throughout.
(Hot Spazz 5)

Volume 43/Number 212
May 21, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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