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KAZYAK/Odyssey: In which we find this crew going pomo psych and turning the levels up a notch as they embark on a trip inspired by a trip. A real, modern head trip, this is the stuff that's right down the alley for people looking for outré music to feed their heads.

AL GROMER KHAN/In High Places: Inspired by Beatles singing get back to where you once belonged, Khan takes his musical trip back to jump, back to his roots when the cosmos existed only in his head. Expanding from that inner space, this is no mere hippy dippy noodling. This is some finely wrought sounds and soundscapes that guide you down the inner path to a place where consciousness exists in it's own time zone. Beyond new age, beyond ambient, this is from whence it all comes from. Well done.

JOSHUA CATANIA/Open to Now: A piano tyro wise beyond his years has so much music popping out of him all at once that even he can't contain it all. Essentially a forward thinking jazzbo, Catania is modern, classical and so much more, often all at once. A voice that's been making itself known, you can tell this cat is already ready to take his place with progressive jazzbos that have taken piano to places only heard in dreams.
(Shifting Paradigm 148)

YOUSSOU NDOUR/History: One of the cats that turned modern world beaters onto Afro pop world beat is back with a new set that looks backward and forward at the same time. Taking time out on his 35th album to tip the cap to those who shaped the sound, even when on his own old records, this is easy going inviting stuff that pleases the ear and is skilled at putting all the right moves in all the right places. A leader at what he does, he's keeping his record in tact here. Well done.

YAO SMITH HUGHES SEXTET/The Gates: A bunch of young bloods band together to revel in their Detroit daddio, hard bop roots. They aren't nostalgia freaks, they just know good stuff when they hear it and they know good taste is timeless. Playing with the gusto of first generation daddios that just got some good stuff, this is much more than a trip to back in the day. Hot stuff throughout that never quits.
(Shifting Paradigm 149)

ADAM HOLT/Kind of Blues: A southern roots rocker who's just as much Middy Waters as he is Tom Petty, he doesn't qualify as a white boy with thee blues as he's a rootsy blues rocker to the core that knows how to heat it up and not cool it off. Fun stuff that doesn't take itself to seriously, Holt is a solid writer and singer that knows how to deliver the goods with a big side order of good times. Smart, mainstream rock for modern ears ready to rock.
(Zenith 1905)

MUSIC IN THE BARNS/Bolton Godin Oesterle: The winds of contemporary classical are shifting in Canada as this bunch that grew out of the McGill University scene is now taking the reins of the future in hand. Totally veering away from pots and pans music, this stuff is closer to film noir sound tracks. A tasty sample of the future skillfully played with no rough edges, tents to bring in future ears are being built right here and now. Check it out.
(New Focus 226)

TERRY KLEIN/Tex: Guy and Townes cast a mighty long shadow but new storytellers are gong to have to come from somewhere and Klein seems to be up to the challenge of filling those shoes. With an eye and a pen tuned firmly to the ground level view of life, Klein is easily a cat to keep an ear on as he's got what it takes to take his place in the pantheon. Well done.

TOM CLANCY'S JACK RYAN/season one: When you're the executive producer of a series, it's a lot easier to make the jump from comic to action hero. When you've got the wealth of talent laboring behind the scenes that you have here, it's easy to make a winner of a series. With talent stretching from Tom Clancy to Michael Bay, John Krasinski could have phoned the lead in this spy series in but he's too much of a pro for that. Hard hitting stuff in it's initial eight episodes, anyone that's been loving these spy series that are made for streaming is going to want to being this winner home. Well done.

Volume 43/Number 208
May 17, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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