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ERNEST TURNER/My Americana: Art for art's sake is one thing but this well educated, well traveled piano man brings the Black experience to Americana giving the genre a whole new take, and it doesn't really matter that it's from the jazz side. Taking it all in from Monk to "We Shall Overcome", Turner leads his jazz trio through a wild ride that takes him miles away from whitey's back porch takes on the genre. Bold, inventive and in your face, this is some seriously high octane stuff that makes a lasting impression. Well done.

BILLY BRANDT/City Noir: A story teller in the mold of a modern, urban Tom Waits, Brandt narrates his stories of the dark side of the city with a voice that doesn't sound like sand paper but doesn't need the gravel to make his point. Nicely done audio verite that paints pictures of his adopted Seattle, the next time there's nothing you want to see on Netflix---this could be the saving alternative tonic. A fine work throughout.

WAYNE WALLACE LATIN JAZZ QUINTET/Rhythm of Invention: Wallace doesn't let his eclectic inventionism skip a beat as he takes the moves made on his last album and expands them in further Afro Caribbean fashion finding grooves in classics no one seemed to have realized before. Taking his Latin jazz to new extremes, this is a real smoking groove that'll enliven any gathering. Hot stuff.
(Patois 23)

YAMIT & the Vinyl Blvd/Ain't Misbehavin': Here's a dandy bit of fun recidivism as Yamit goes jazz retro and posits herself right in the middle of the golden age of dames and broads emerging as a first class thrush. With equally stellar backing, you can just picture the stage door Johnny's showing up after her set with roses and bangles just waiting to be bestowed. Completely unironic, this is simply a first class stroll through down memory lane like the time never passed. Fun stuff throughout.

DUKE ROBILLARD BAND/Ear Worms: In which we find the great Duke taking a walk down memory lane, even if he kicks it off with a tune of his own. Is it safe to take this walk with Duke? You'd be a fool to ever think otherwise and his footsteps are always worth following no matter where he decides to take you. The set is heavy on soul but there's enough diversions to keep your ears hopping. Take the ride along to see how he got to where he is---the invention and the chops are never held back.
(Stony Plain 1403)

RAZ BAND/#9: If you were wondering where those Badfingers, Eagles and Byrds associates and others wound up, they congregated here and are rocking the night away. Not caring if they fit the format or not, this is music for boomers who want to go to the show for reasons other than hold up their camera phone to prove they were there. With a second disc that keeps it coming tucked into the package, this is a fine reminder of how it all was when under water mortgages weren't even a blip on the horizon. Check it out.
(Gonzo Multimedia 507)

Volume 43/Number 190
April 29, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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