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KEVIN KASTNING-SANDOR SZABO/Ethereal III: One thing you can expect with Kastning is the unexpected. After giving us a zillion guitar records where he never repeated himself, he threw a curve ball with a piano record. That was only the hors d'oureve. Now we find him tuning up his piano for an orchestral face off with one of his long time guitar partners in crime. Did you think this wouldn't be a mind blowing recital? Stretching the limits of contemporary classical, instrumental and left leaning jazz, these two hit it out of the park and take it some place entirely new and different. An amazing additional to the "Ethereal" series, this is a killer example of art that isn't artsy.
(Greydisc 3548)

ATLAS MAIOR/Riptide: From Austin it comes and it doesn't get any more eclectic than this. Is it civil rights jazz? World jazz? Opium den music? All of the above and more? Yes. You can bet Paul Horn and John McLaughlin never anticipated a wild ride like this when they started globe trotting for wild sounds. A multi culti mash up that'll leave you breathless, anyone seriously interested in new music will have a great time with this disc as it alternately entrances them and drives them nuts. Killer stuff that shows the way to tomorrow.

SATOKO FUJII/Stone: After celebrating her 60th year with a break neck schedule of a new album every month, Fujii slows it down by paying tribute to her grand mother who lost her hearing late in life. A minimalist solo piano outing, this is certainly a hymn to the silence. Taking it to places even hard core art chicks fear to go, she impressionistically explores what we will hear when we no longer hear. Never has avant garde been so introspective sounding.
(Libra 201056)

YAKE STROM'S BROKE3N CONSORT/Shimmering Lights: A fast ball down the middle for millennial, religious Jews that refuse to teach their kids Yiddish, this set explodes the sound of "Hannukah 101" and takes traditional melodies to places that shows how the sounds are celebrated around the world. Almost too removed to seem like an ethnic record, most of this is pretty prime world beat that opens the ears to something new along the route. And there's no mandate to keep anything pure if it gets in the way of a solid riff. A new color in your world beat palette, for sure.
(Arc 2809)

JACK WILKINS/Rundle Sessions: Anybody that spends some Fulbright grant money on Sara Caswell is alright with us. Loaded with nothing you'd expect from something that was given it's genesis in artville, this set swings mightily as the sax man leads his crew through a self composed set of originals drawing inspiration from nature in Banff mostly. This is jazz that goes above and beyond.
(Chronograph 71)

BEATA PATER/Tet: For someone with pretty much of a mainstream ‘real life‘ Pater has made a real point of showing off her art chick side when it comes to making records. If you're familiar with her back catalog, you'll see she's still an art chick but she's taking her vibe in a whole different direction. Coming in as a left leaning jazz singing thrush, Pater goes old and new at the same time serving up a delectable palette of goodies for millenials who wish they were around back in the day. Quite a satisfying session that pulls together her various sides nicely, this bag breaker has loads of good stuff on the ball throughout.
(B&B 422)

Volume 43/Number 188
April 27, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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