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BINKY PHILIPS & The Planets: Established 1972 NYC: A little punk rock energy anyone? Some bad ass boys that might have taught the Ramones a thing or two, this is where the energy came from all those years ago. No one was quite sure what to call this sound back in 72, but it was more east coast Bob Seger than New York Dolls. High octane, wild stuff.

JON DURANT/alternate Landscapes: A guitar experimenter, Durant works the minimalist tip here as he takes his cloud guitars into the cosmos. Not space music but ethereal music, it's artsy in a high brow way. A solid recital for the real left leaning.
(Alchemy 1031)

FRAUD PROPHETS/Poptosis: A pair of jazzbos heavily influenced by Zappa's jazz form hell oasis, they are so cutting edge that they can have their co-horts record their parts at home and send it in. With enough special sauce laded on to keep you from yawning and calling it derivative, anyone that looks at Fareed Haque as an old timer should be right at home with this set's take on the future. It swings, but in a very modern kind of way.

EXIT NORTH/Book of Romance and Dust: You think Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave are Your father's music? These deep thinkers will give you a crew to call your own. Lite prog on the down mouth side, they'll get you pondering the deep meanings of things as their heavy instrumentation unspools in the background. Perhaps it's musical lithium.
(EN 1)

FRANK MIGLIORELLI & the Dirt Nappers/Things You Left Behind: With a sound that goes back to just before bar codes on records and arena rock, when ‘bar band' was a real compliment, this bunch takes it back to a simpler time without sounding like they are imitating something they don't really know about. Looking like they could have been there when it was happening, this is how the 70s sounded once upon a time before the corporations got everyone to sell out. Rock on.
(Rave On)

BT ALC BIG BAND/Search for Peace: A modern funky take on big band jazz, this aggregation knows from whence it comes, but it also knows it has to reach today's young whipper snappers to keep the sound alive. With moves borrowed from everything from Kenton to second line funk, this crew tears it up in a way that moldy figs and newbies can rub elbows and smile throughout. Tasty stuff that never lets you down.

JOANNA DUDA/Keen: She's an art chick and she owns it so that removes any surprises up front. A soundscapist, Duda deconstructs her keyboard into pure sound taking things to space, bringing them back down to pillbilly heaven. Wild stuff from so deep in left field that you can't even see where the foul line has been left behind. Art mavens will love it.
(Alpaka 8)

INCENDIO/Summoning the Muse: A crew we're always glad to see new stuff from, this flamenco/world/jazz bunch widens the lens for some fun stuff here. With their hallmark high octane, fiery playing front and center, they do some Morricone inspired stuff, pop moves and just add a fun element into the proceedings that keeps this from being more of the same---not that such would be such a bad thing. One of those under the radar groups that seems to be all around you all the time whether you know it or not, they know how to strut their stuff with the best of them. Killer stuff.
(Incendio Music 8)

ANN SWEETEN/Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow: Sweeten has vanquished cancer twice and now is faced with a third go round. With the spirit she imbues her new age/contemporary instrumental piano playing with and the friends that are gathered here around her, you can hear and feel why this is a set that will cause you to come and praise Caesar, not bury her. The kind of set that could reignite new age back into the mainstream, this is the kind of quality music that Duke Ellington would refuse to label. Simply as good as it gets.
(Orange Band 6181)

WALT WEISKOPF EUROPEAN QUARTET/Worldwide: It must be breaking these tunes in during a Euro tour with the crew on board here that gives this such a natural, old school, smoky club vibe. The mighty sax man that's played behind many who make you work mighty hard recorded this in an afternoon. It crackles with improv that wasn't worked out on the tour and is always loaded with the kind of playing that makes you sit up and pay attention. Mostly originals, this is that pure jazzbo stuff you always come back to no matter how you've filled sweet teeth or taken flights of fancy. Killer stuff throughout.
(Orenda 65)

Volume 43/Number 187
April 26, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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