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NANCY KELLY/Remembering Mark Murphy: Remembering Mark Murphy is easy, representing him is another story. Inspired by Murphy, Kelly is up to tackling the task without making it seem like a chore. Alternately staying true to the jazz vocalist's vision and adding her own flights of fancy, the jazz vocal great gets another chance to shine here, even if from the great beyond. Fans won't be feeling taken as they aren't taken advantage here an a fine effort that could stand on it's own easily as well. Solid stuff.
(Sub Cat 1)

PHIL MADEIRA/Crickets: Proving that Beegie Adair isn't the only Nashville piano cat that has a jazz side that's alive and well, the Americana mainstay rounds up cats of a different nature and delivers a jazz piano date with a progressive edge that's as natural as it seems like this is something he does in more than his off hours. If you're a jazzbo of a certain age, Madeira grew up along with you and takes it back to the days when you were wet behind the ears and just getting into these sounds that stayed with you for life. Melding jazz, blues, world and more, this is one tasty mix that shows there's more to the palette than meat and three. Well done and a real cooking ‘debut‘.
(Mercyland 7)

STEVE HOWELL & JASON WEINHEIMER/History Rhymes: Tour guide Howell's latest journey through the past goes farther back than past excursions, even uncovering roots to songs you didn't realize were older than Methuselah. All of it delivered in his trademark back porch style, this is low key but snazzy date that'll have you tapping your toes in admiration. Fun stuff throughout, this is another in a series of tasty treats he delivers to well.
(Out of the Past 10)

GEORGE WINSTON/Restless Wind: Reviving his Dancing Cat label as a stand alone company, Winston returns to the keys with a set that's shows him expanding his view in ways you didn't expect or forgot. Blues, civil rights, protest music, oldies---it's a wild mix that get tied all together with propulsive playing that he didn't get into much during his purely new age years. Playing with a fervor he hasn't really shown since laying down his guitar, this set is sure to make you hear and appreciate Winston in a whole new way. Hot stuff from an old friend that isn't giving in yet.
(Dancing Cat)

KALYA RAMU/Living in a Dream: Whether finding inspiration for her originals in the 40s or actually going back to the 40s for material, this rising jazz vocalist is a stunner. With a classic thrush/cabaret delivery, whether she's swinging or singing, she is one of the most captivating vocalists to come along in several seasons. A great hostess that knows what a great component fun is to any mix, this is a swinging kitty that knows how to fire on all eight. Hot stuff throughout.

MARK TURNER MEETS GARY FOSTER: With a sound so big, it takes two discs recorded in hi def to capture it all, if Christlieb and Marsh had ever gotten around to recording a free swinging, live date in which they really got to wail, this is probably an approximation of who it would have sounded. As it is, Warne Marsh is hovering over this date. A blowing session deluxe in which the generations meet with loads of heat, sax fans, open your ears. A solidly killer date that have you on the edge of your seat throughout.
(Capri 74156)

CRISTINA MORRISON/Impredecible: The nice thing about being a gringo lost in Latin music land is that unless the track is something that's flying mallet obvious like "Besame Mucho", how would we know these are reimagings of Latin music high spots? What the naif hears is a smoking, swinging set that sounds like the party we want to hit away from the resort hotel. Proving it's new if it's new to you, this is grand outing that opens the ears to realms beyond the horizon well worth checking out. Solid throughout.
(Baronesa 2019)

Volume 43/Number 180
April 19, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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